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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply and passing on my details. Regarding travelling to Northampton for practising....that's fine with me. Cheers, Martin
  2. Hi, My name is Martin, I'm a Norwich based bassist, with 30 years professional gigging experience. I've played gigs ranging from festivals to small pubs and clubs. I have a love of playing live wherever that may be and being in a band. I have my own gear and transport and would welcome the chance to be a part of this opportunity. My email address is :[email protected] Hope to hear back soon, Cheers, Martin
  3. Norwich based Bassist with 30 years professional gigging experience available for dep work. Played gigs from festivals to small clubs/pubs. Willing to travel. All styles.
  4. Martin M

    Thoughts Of You

    Just posting my track "Thoughts Of You" . Thanks for listening!!!!!! Thoughts Of You.mp3