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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I haven't got the urge to play anymore. So I'm selling most of my gear. This is a really lovely rare bass.
  3. Powerhouse 2x10 600w twin channel combo. Very lightweight, on casters and very reliable. Well looked after and selling due to not playing much and a practice amp is all I use now. Based near Beccles
  4. Exellent unit in good used boxed condition. Fiver postage.
  5. Mid 80s neck through bass. Has a macasar ebony fingerboard, maple and mahogany neck, low action (40_100 strings), mahogany outriggers, active electronics, plays and sounds wonderful. Good condition for age with minimal fret wear. Comes with a decent Hiscox case. No trades pls
  6. 7 piece maple/walnut through neck,rosewood fingerboard,double truss rods, active electronics. Exellent condition and plays, sounds lovely. Mid 90s. With case. Open to offers.No trades thanx.*price drop to £350* ono
  7. Any chance of some more photos?
  8. [quote name='dafonky' timestamp='1322347518' post='1449877'] hi all....interesting thread.....here is one of the first JD's ever made enjoy these basses ....... [/quote]- That's actually one of Mark King's old basses!
  9. Just dropped price again-mega bargain! Absolutely mint bass!
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