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  1. I had the chance to try the four Stroke a few days ago and I think it's an awesome amp too. I found that volume was very dependant of the compression knob (I was running it through a OBC212 cab which is rated at 8ohm) and when the compression came into play, the character of the amplifier changed taking a slightly more modern approach to OB1 (if my memory did not fail me)and I didn't digged very much the stepped knobs but this is a minor thing. Anyway the behavior of the amplifier makes it be on par with the OB1 and I must say that the equalization of the 4 stroke is impressive always getting usable sounds throughout its range. I think there is no clear winner, it is a matter of taste. Personally, I liked the OB1 more although I will rarely use the gain channel.
  2. Hello, How would you define the Eich's cab range tone-wise? I am referring to the new range with ceramic speakers and not to their Techamp counterparts with neodymium ones. I'm looking to get classic and old school tones out of them, with whatever the head you want for this tone goal (Think Ampeg, Aguilar Tonehammer, Orange. etc) Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. BLuRay, I read your post about the 4 Stroke and think it throw a lot of light to my searching, thanks for sharing!!- I had the chance to try the OB1-500 with the OBC210 mini and was amazed by it's tone and overall carachter , I digged blending the two channel with the drive full closed and even there the amps gains in presence, body and fulness, and I really didn't care dialing more drive cause things started to be to fizzy for my ears. It was my first contact with non class D amplification and I am a bit concenrned on the OB1 to be a 1-trick pony and get lost in the mix in some situations. In the opossite a fear the 4 Stroke not having the OB1's authoritive weight it's sound provides. The store doesn´t supplies the 4 stroke but I will test it in other store but paired with a 410 Hartke, so I will not be able to make a direct comparisson of both. I'm a bit surprised not to find direct comparisons between these two models since they are in parallel production. So I will have to fine tunning my ears and auditive memory to decide wich amp will replace my average class D amp.
  4. Which do you prefer and why?
  5. Now I cant'd decide between Eich 212S and 212M. Size is a concern but it will be a cab for all purposes. Has anyone had a chance to try both? What difference in volume and character do you find between the two?
  6. Great responses guys!! It seems that the Eich/Tecamp way is the right path for my needs. As for Tecamp/Eich for what i know, Tech Amp is now owned/associated by/with an American company and Tomas Eich started his own business based on the desings he developed at Tecamp. Regarding Tecamp M212 being de same as Eich 212M, the later switched from Neo Magnets to Ceramic in their cabs wich is the standard now in all their desingns. Tomas Eich states that after using Neo Speaker he much prefer Ceramic after new testings he made. Anyway the consensus seems to be that I will be more than covered if I go for the Eich 212. As for try before buy, I'm located in Madrid and there is no Store that supplies neither of the two brands. So i must buy sight unseen and based on others experiences. I will pair de cab with a TC BH800 but i have a Mesa D800 under the radar which I can try in a local store.
  7. Hello First post here. I need to upgrade my trusty TC Electronic RS210.I play in a loud 2 guitar, singer and drum band and when I need to push hard and increase amp volume it begins to behave with all the symptoms resulting from a dubious attention to detail in its construction (rattling, booming, cone distorting etc) but due to space and portability i only can consider a 2x12 cab configuration. I narrowed my search to Eich Amplification 212M or Barefaced Super Twin. Barefaced are for what I've read how red cars are highly valued for the volume they can serve given their dimensions. Didn't find much about Eichs but their high quality construction and overall performance. And both are highly valued for their great efficiency. As money is a concern I'm leaning more towards Eich Cab, but priorities are: 1. Loud enough to cut through two crancked 50 watts guitar amps and loud drummer. If both meet condition 1: 2. Best suited for classic rock and old school-ish styles. Should I look elsewhere? Many thanks in advance for your advices and for all the help given through the forums.
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