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  1. Moping at home after eye surgery last Saturday. Right retina tore & detached, so a surgeon sucked out all the goo, spot-welded the tears with a laser, then pumped up my eye with hexafluoroethane, a greenhouse gas. So that’s me on one eye for the next few weeks at least. I’ve even got the eyepatch. (Arrrr.)

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    2. alyctes


      Wow.  How do you come to have a torn retina, if I may ask?

    3. bnt


      If you’re as short-sighted as I am (< -8 diopter in both eyes), it doesn’t take much. My retinas are like the skins on a drum kit tuned up by The Rock. It’s only a matter of time, you don’t have to take a knock.

    4. alyctes


      Ouch.  I hope it's all getting better!

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