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  1. I’m sure he would, I’ll sellotape an eye test chart to the grille!
  2. My wife can’t believe it either, I’m fearing for its safety!
  3. Thanks for the interest Bassbandit! The G3 is very heavy, I’ll look into it but I suspect the shipping will be astronomical! I’ll message you over..
  4. I’ll happily rig it up in the front garden on a rain free day for any potential buyer to demo! The neighbours will love it 😁
  5. Selling this monster bass cabinet as I don’t really have space to accommodate it any more. Huge 700w power handling, thunderous lows and crystal clear top end, this was the cab of choice for many top players before fender bought over and shut down SWR ☹️. It’s been gigged regularly and is cosmetically a bit tatty (the carpet covering at the back is a bit worse for wear)The slot-in casters were ditched a long time ago. However it’s in perfect working order otherwise. Collection or can arrange to get it to you in Central belt Scotland.
  6. Selling my Aguilar DB659 preamp as it’s been used as as a DI box for all the home recording that I don’t do. Good cosmetic condition, a few scrapes on the casing and rack rash on the mounting point but otherwise fine. Perfect working order. These things are sadly discontinued and a beautiful example of Aguilar’s valve products, construction and engineering are of the highest standard - like something you’d find in a submarine! Straightforward but nicely voiced eq with bright and deep filters, Fx loop with series/parallel switching and send/return controls. Can do a range of tones from vintage warm to transparent and detailed. Jensen transformer balanced DI is one of the nicest available. Collection from Glasgow area or will ship via insured courier to u.k only at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
  7. Selling my Eden WT800 after doing some downsizing. Monster power, great eq, biamp capable etc. Took me a long time to find anything modern with anything like the creamy punch and outrageous headroom this high end head puts out. Recently serviced by Flynn amps in Glasgow and in good condition. Apparently this is an early B revision USA built that will drive a a 4 ohm load bridged. The oval vent slots in casing and extra output transistors denote this although the silk screen lettering on the chassis hadn’t been updated to reflect this. If this is important to you you could drop Eden an email, I always found them good for customer service. Ideally looking for collection in or near Glasgow , can arrange courier at buyers expense. It’s pretty heavy and I’d rather send it in a rackmount case with foam packing. Won’t post outside UK unfortunately. Can include a 4 unit Gator rack case with purchase if required, in ok condition apart from a snapped section of rack rail at the back.
  8. Sorry to be late to the party! I think it's the Bakelite fingerboard that's the problem. It reacts to temperature at a different speed to wood therefore the neck acts like a bimetallic strip- it's an inherently unstable design hence the lack of truss rod cover. Shame really as it's a great sounding bass but getting a decent setup is nigh on impossible
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