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  1. Cheers, that's helped improve the noise I make!
  2. Bridge pickup is turned down ( i think) I'm still experimenting with the pots...
  3. It sounds like this. It lights up the correct notes in the play along apps but sounds awful... VID_20200727_180044.mp4
  4. Looking for a tutor near Bangor, Caernarfon, LLanberis...
  5. Hi, I'm Bob from north Wales. I've decided to have another go at learning the bass. I have a new Yamaha TRBX174 paired with my old Ashdown Perfect 10 amp. I'd like to know how to make my bass sound like a bass. My tuner says everything is fine but it sounds a bit unbasslike and has too much sustain. Is there a technical way to remove sustain or is it all about muting! It currently sounds like the amp is 20 yards away down a 24" diameter concrete pipe; how do I get a punchier clean single note sound, do I need an effects processor? Thanks in advance Bob
  6. About seven years back I started to learn to play guitar on a Burns Marquee. I quickly progressed to learning a whole 3 chords then I had an accident which damaged my left wrist (I'm right handed). Healing was a slow process so I sold my kit. I now wish to start to learn the bass and was wondering if there are any beginner basses that are suitable for a chap with a weakened wrist who lives in a damp cottage which enjoys rapidly changing temperatures and humidities. My Marquee held its tuning quite well in such circumstances but was wondering if the longer neck of a bass would make it more vulnerable to the changing microclimates inside my house! Thanks in advance Bob. N.B. my prefered music styles are rock/heavy/blues/punk.
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