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Bass One

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  1. Fodera N.Y.C. Empire 5

    Here is up for sale a brilliant take on modern jazzbass: Fodera, N.Y.C. Empire 5. The bass is from year 2008 and has Mike Pope preamp with passive tone. The bass has ash body, flame maple top and headstock. Maple neck with bird's eye fretboard. Comes with original Fodera Teardrop case (with broken lock, but new one is included). [url="http://www.bassplayer.com/basses/1165/fodera-nyc-5-and-nyc-4/26254"]http://www.bassplayer.com/…/11…/fodera-nyc-5-and-nyc-4/26254[/url] Primary for sale, but can consider trades for a good precision bass (vintage, custom shop, also other than Fender). Bass is located Järvenpää, Finland, and can be shipped inside EU.
  2. SOLD Ken Smith Hadrien Feraud

    Yes, 19mm string spacing. That's a custom option as are dual coil PU's and matching headstock, too. Pics are there as thumbnails. If you don't see, please PM me. And, as an additional info, only two of these are currently made with construction like this. This is one and the second is on Michael League at Snarky Puppy. Happy to hear trades too. For example Fender Roscoe Beck V is on my wish list, but others are welcome too.
  3. Want to buy Fender Roscoe Beck V. I live in Finland.
  4. feedback to drums1977

    First bough one Fender Precision -77 from J. Right after that I was a happy owner of another Fender, this time he sold me Jazzbass -77. Really impressed about both. J (alias drums1977) is very reliable, easy to communicate, acts fast, and keeps his promises. Can't thank him enough. Highly recommended for any kind of deals!