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  1. Bought a Squier P bass off Paul in great condition as well as super fast postage. Much appreciated Tom
  2. Hi all, I have recently been hit by a lockdown related financial situation and as a result am absolutely gutted to have to be selling my brand new Limelight jazz bass which I ordered last year and received a few weeks ago. The specs are: - standard 60s style Jazz- rosewood fingerboard - Three knob control (9.5 neck radius) - Black over shoreline gold - Tortoise pickguard + an additional parchment pick guard -60s style reverse tuners -aged covers -Black thumbrest - included hard case I'm happy to ship for around £30 with lots of packing material and bubble wrap. Please let me know if you have any questions. Tom
  3. Hi all, Up for sale here is my trust P bass in good condition ( small crach in the laquer by the neck is the only defect of note). I added on a bass mute about a year ago which is secured to the body through heavy duty double sided tape (happy to remove the bass mute and reduce the price to £400 flat). The bass will be securely packed and shipped or local collection from Camberwell is welcome. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Tom
  4. Sold Now £700 Hi all, Up for sale is a Limelight Jazz bass that I recently purchased in a fit of hysteria. It is absolutely amazing as should be expected from limelights. Only selling as I realised that I can't actually afford it (should have seen that one coming). The bass will be shipped in a secure packaging box with an included soft case, or pickup from Camberwell if that would be easier. (I have used the pictures from the original limelight page but the condition is exactly the same) Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi all, Here is a Hofner Verythin bass guitar in near mint condition with included hardcase. The only mark on this bass is on the back of the headstock which I have tried to capture in pictures, the rest of the bass is in immaculate condition. Willing to ship. Feel free to ask any questions, Have a great Christmas, Tom
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