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  1. [quote name='pitchard' timestamp='1416092199' post='2606899'] Good to hear people are trying out Royal Blood at gigs. We also play 'Little Monster' in Drop D (as I believe many of us are!) Had a night off and what was going to be a rejig of the pedalboard just became a jam session of various riffs, so I put together a few into the video below. It's a good laugh and definitely worth a go if you're in a small band/one guitarist band to really beef up the mix! [media]http://youtu.be/I98JevO3AIA[/media] [CODE]http://youtu.be/I98JevO3AIA[/CODE] [/quote] Still waiting on that pedalboard video my man...
  2. [quote name='pitchard' timestamp='1408189833' post='2527953'] No worries, definitaely doing a video of the board at some point. [/quote] This can't come soon enough...
  3. [quote name='pitchard' timestamp='1407276702' post='2519184'] Hey all, For those still interested, I recorded another Royal Blood cover, this time having a stab at 'Little Monster' as I've started playing it in one of the bands I work with. More of the same pedalboard, but also using the Boss PS-6 to thicken out the outro of the song. Let us know what you think! [media]http://youtu.be/tL7SeRxYzq8[/media] [/quote] I think I need a diagram of that board, even if it's crude, just to get my head around it. I thought I was getting a decent sound out of just three of those pedals used but your has taken it to another level.
  4. [quote name='Rick05' timestamp='1405345633' post='2501018'] Wow these guys have a great sound and songs. Just to ask a possibly silly question, are there any ways to recreate this sound on a budget? I know it wouldnt be a versatile, but are there any single pedals that could come close to this sound, just to play around with it? [/quote] Single pedals, no. I'm slowly building this rig pedal by pedal. I got the MicroPOG instead of the POG2 (MicroPOG is the cheaper, smaller variant) and ran the effect line through a cheap distortion and the dry out into a bass amp. You wouldn't have control over cutting out the bass but you could get a cheap A/B box (which there are tonnes of barebones boxes on eBay) to cut the signal. I'd go from there. It's essentially what i'm doing. EDIT: The closest 'single-pedal' you could get to recreate this sound would be a Boss OC-3 Super Octave pedal. It has a build in distortion setting which works with an Octave setting. That's the closest you'll get to the sound through one pedal.
  5. [quote name='markb88' timestamp='1404902428' post='2496776'] Yo NOTJORDANWALKER, do you have any rough recordings or videos you can upload / send me? Be curious to see what this sounds like. It'll be way cheaper than buying the additional pedals I mentioned up there ^^^. Especially if theres no need for the EQ. Thanks man. [/quote] I don't have the best recordings yet but I'll try and get something when I go at the end of this month. Got a session with a mate of mine. The sound was [b]enormous[/b] when we tried it out though.
  6. Sort of doing a similar thing which is why I was so adamant about identifying their pedal board earlier in the topic. Just bought a Micro POG, run that into a fuzz and have been using a Boss TU-3 as a killswitch for the bass. It's such a great and easy sound. I didn't really find a need for the EQ pedal yet. The guitar head seems to deal with the sound really well. The Bass head, I just crank the low end and gain to get a borderline Distorted Bass.
  7. [quote name='Finnymarshall1997' timestamp='1400013698' post='2449967'] He sets it so it cuts the lower octaves and only receives the two upper octaves giving it a fake guitar sound [/quote] Ah, I didn't know the POG could go UP octaves. I thought that was why he had the Harmonists, to get the higher octave.
  8. [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1399895402' post='2448677'] By coincidence the black keys were on jools recently too - doesn't look like a 2 piece band for live work. [/quote] Oh, no. Royal Blood are 100% two piece. No guys in the background. That's why their pedal board is such a hot topic.
  9. I'm trying to figure out the need for the POGs. Running a bass through a pedal that added an octave down is going to produce a really low, bass. Can you shift the pog up an octave or is it just down like the Boss OC-3?
  10. So the LS-2 can keep both lines playing at once right? I know he cuts out the Bassy tones on some songs when he has a high guitar parts like in Little Monster.
  11. [quote name='Clarky72' timestamp='1393404620' post='2379731'] Saw them last night. He had 2 Gretsch basses and a Fender Starcaster. Forget the basses though... that pedal setup and the sound he gets!! F**k me! [/quote] Can anyone work out the pedals on this rig? I can see so far:[list] [*]2x Electro Harmonic POGs [*]2x Boss PS6s [*]Boss GE7 [*]Boss TU3 [*]Strymon Flint Tremelo & Reverb [/list] Any ideas on the huge green one and the small one in the bottom corner?
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