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  1. 2 hours ago, walshy said:

    My van with a van courier, pretty much £50 anywhere in the U.K. 

    There you go……!

    I’ll split the cost of Walshy’s Courier with anyone wanting this Bad Boy !!

    I’ll also consider trades with MM Stingray, White Jazz or any other ‘nice bass’ cash either way possible 👍🏻

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  2. 2 hours ago, mrtcat said:

    Ah man. If you weren't all the way up there and I wasn't all the way down here, I'd have this. GLWTS. 

    I do get to Nottingham on business fairly regularly and in a couple of weeks I’m gonna be in Kent for a day then over to Bristol….  Dunno if that helps 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Now £550 delivered with Walshy’s man with a van courier !! 

    got to be THE Bargain of the century !!!

    The last word in simplicity, power & tone !

    just add a pre amp (I used EBS Micro Bass 2) and you’re good for the house, practice room or pretty much any gig !!

    great condition, perfect working order and comes with Berg cover, power lead and extension. 

    collection from Sunderland or possible meet up (can be discussed)

    Daft price of £700 just to clear from a room soon to be redecorated and repurposed from my ‘studio’ to a home cinema room (sad I know) 

    pm me any Q’s 




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  4. Status Kingbass MK2 headed.... 19mm

    Spacing and Blue LED’s  (Mint Condition) 

    A Special one this not only because it’s a phenomenal example of this instrument in perfect condition but it’s a rare 19mm string spacing. 

    Have you ever picked up a Kingbass and loved the looks, feel and tone but found it really cramped and tight string spacing ? I have... ! That’s because Mark King prefers 16.5mm spacing and probably at least 99% of his signature Status Basses made by status have this spacing which for anyone coming from Fender / Musicman or almost any other bass can be a difficult adjustment..... 

    The Kingbass MK2 is unmistakably Status in tone but because of the bigger body (similar to Alembic) and Jazz pickups has a more versatile and rounded tone suitable for any band situation.... this particular example sets up

    And plays clean at a lower action than any bass I’ve ever had my hands on....  it’s acoustic tone is massive with sustain for days.... you can hear the bigger fundamental in there from the bigger body and the flexibility of the circuit allows you to dial in anything you need.....  

    My favourite tone is a slight bias to the bridge pickup with a touch of bass.... barks, bites and growls like nothing you’ve heard !!

    LEDs are a gorgeous bright blue !

    Only for sale as I want to condense my range of instruments to an active Jazz and an Alembic (when I find the right one) 

    I know I’ll regret selling but hey ho.... I’ve enjoyed owning it immensely. 

    Due to consolidating my instruments I’m not interested in PX (unless it’s an Alembic) 














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  5. 3 minutes ago, triplebass said:

    señor, how about a sound sample? bitte, danke, gracias, muito obrigado...

    p.s. shipping to EU as well?

    Shipping to EU is no problem.... I’ve arranged this many times. Typically costs around £50-£120 depending on the service required. No real reason to go above £50 unless you need an express service. 

    sound sample.... I’ve not really got recording facilities to do it justice.... (Sorry I’m a bit low tech with this type of thing) 

    it’s got a great range of tones from passive P & J to active HiFi and all between.... it’s certainly got a great slap sound that stays ‘big’ with no drop in volume when switching from finger style to slap... no boost needed for a slap solo !!




  6. 11 minutes ago, molan said:

    These are quite different beasts from the current 'Standard' models.

    If I remember rightly they were built in very small batches, maybe 10 - 20, and in the main custom shop by the, at the time, very limited number of luthiers.

    I think they were kind of a 'test' series to work out a way of batch-building to sit alongside the core custom lines. At the time the only way to get a Fodera was to place a full custom order. The idea behind these was to build the small batches in popular combinations but with no custom specs. All built alongside the custom basses. This allowed people to sample the full Fodera bass experience without the, circa 2 year, wait time and at a more affordable price (bearing mind that an 'affordable' Fodera is still a LOT of money to many players).

    The natural follow on to these was the Standard series we now have. Simpler construction, the biggest time saving is the straight headstock instead of angled back, followed by the rear cutaway, and generally larger build numbers.

    I've owned 5 or 6 Foderas and although my early standard is the lowest cost it's actually the only one I've hung on to!

    I certainly think these are worth a decent amount more than most of the current Standard models you'll see on the used market (although the newer Ltd editions are getting quite special / pricey now). Definitely worth £3K+

    Thanks for taking the time to provide that insight Barry..... hope you’re well 

  7. Hi Denzel, 

    yes a Mahogany body with a slight flame to the maple that’s more noticeable in the ‘wood’ than on camera...

    yes, I agree.... while the current standard is a fine instrument this generation of standards were the equal of the deluxe instrument... just bolt on ! 

    There’s no question this is superbly well built instrument and that’s exhibited in how it plays and sounds..... it’s got a quite vintage feel to the bass.... it just feels like it’s been a bass long enough to have forgotten it was ever a tree !! Ofcourse this generation Fodera we’re making standards from aged / matured wood the same as their deluxe models...



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