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  1. Bass now on hold - thanks everyone for looking.
  2. Hi Karl Nice looking bass, unfortunately not look for semi solid bass. Thanks for the offer. Cheers Neil
  3. Hi Karl Thanks for looking. I have my eye on a couple of short scale basses hence the sale of the 51. May consider trade for the right short scale. Cheers Neil
  4. This is a CIJ reissue 51 slab body Precision with ashtrays. I purchased the bass from this forum in 2015. This is the description from the seller (Hope you don’t mind the plagiarism). “Lightweight bass, originally the bass was a yellow - butterscotch - colour but has been professionally refinished in natural and looks very nice indeed. Neck is straight, minimal fret wear and trussrod works as it should. The bridge is a four saddle job so probably a replacement.” Since 2015 had little use as just after purchase moved fully to short scale bass. Bass has some very small dings on the body, mostly around strap post, a bit of buckle rash and an inch scratch on scratch plate, but the neck and head stock are in good condition without bumps or bruises. Set up pre COVID with new set of flat strings at Reidys Home of Music. Only played to tune up since. Bit of crackle on the pots due to little use. Collection from Rossendale, Lancashire
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