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  1. I have about 12 completed bodies/necks for the NT series basses (some 4 string, some 5 string) that the factory forgot to fit the carbon fibre neck rods for. I was originally going to bin them in India (which seems somewhat wasteful). But I don't want them getting out into the marketplace with my name on them - as they do not match our advertised spec. (not that they are bad by any means)

    Do you think it'd be worth bringing them over and offering them up on here (obviously for a small sum of money)? Are there enough DIY bass tinkerers to make this worth my while? 




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  2. 3 hours ago, skej21 said:

    Must admit, never had the chance to try one of these but I think they look really good. The main thing that puts me off making the effort to 1) Travel to try one or 2) Buy one unseen is the number of times I've seen Scott Whitley selling on his own signature models!

    He sells them because I keep sending them to him and he doesn’t have space. Not because he doesn’t like them :)

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  3. 49 minutes ago, mangotango said:


    I appreciate your prompt provision of relevant information, Mr. C.....but you're really not helping with the GAS here.

    What you're not taking into account here is that my motivation is selfish and I don't have your best interests at heart. :)

    Unless your best interests align with buying a bass. In which case... I'm your best friend.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, mangotango said:

    Oh that blue one....

    Please tell me they're ridiculously expensive and I could never  afford it...

    Doesn't have to be true - just tell me that, someone, pleeeeease…...

    About £600-ish is the figure we’re working to at the moment 

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  5. 3 hours ago, tonyclaret said:

    Where is best to park?

    Are clinic/artiste tickets available on the day, or is it all pre-book.


    There is a NCP pretty much at the venue. 

    You can get tickets at the door. 

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  6. 52 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Don't want to put a downer, but you do realise it's impossible to find either your website or YT channel?

    Try putting 'bass guitar review' into Google...

    SEO takes time! In fact age is one of the primary factors in ranking I think.  Also... they're page 1 position 3 for "Bass Guitar Review". 

  7. On 22/12/2019 at 10:58, stewblack said:

    Bloke who sold it told me it was made by Chowny but I suspect its a standard AliExpress 4005. 

    I've heard all the horror stories but the neck is straight, finish is great, pickups a little weak maybe but sounded fine to me last night. 

    I can categorically deny that we made it. :) We've only ever made our own designs.

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    We've still got a couple of show stock items (Purple Chowny CHB-1, Black CHB-2, Red CHB-2, White SWB-1 passive, Retrovibe Volante, SWB Pro Matt/Walnut with tiny chip on headstock, White Retrovibe Vantage) available at show prices (as long as you don't mind buying a bass that was pawed by many strangers). 

    DM for prices if you're interested.


  9. I'm going to review the Bass Guitar Show attendees instead and give you some perspective from what the show was like as an exhibitor. :)

    WHAT a LOVELY bunch of people you all are. For those who took the time and effort to come out to see us, thank you very much. Very much enjoyed meeting everybody. Everybody was positive, polite and game for trying out our stuff. I was really nice to see the familiar faces and old friends. And make some new ones.

    @romeo2 it was good to see you again. Glad you like the new stuff.

    I'll try and politely address some of the negativity around the show, and where criticism is rightly and wrongly being directed.

    I'll agree the show is noisy. But we are talking about a product(s) that make noise. It's LITERALLY what they do. I agree that the quiet periods were not enforced very well, and that the sound police were a bit toothless. I will be raising this very strongly with the show organisers. The management of space wasn't great either, and if there were performances in the booth it backed up into the aisles making it difficult to get to all the stands. I am also raising this with the show organisers.

    To mitigate the noise, we had closed headphones for those that couldn't hear.

    If you want a diverse array of stuff gathered in one place. Where you are welcomed and encouraged to put your hands on them and try them out. Where you can talk directly to the product makers - and not just sales staff, who are quite happy for you to buy anything. Where there is a community of like minded individuals and where you can actively support small and local builders and makers - it is the place to go. 

    It is NOT cheap exhibiting. For a smaller company like ours - it's probably just shy of a few thousand pounds. Plus hotels, travel, facilities etc. We do NOT make our money back at the show. 

    Yes - it's a marketing expense. But also it's also for you guys. 

    The venue is certainly nicer. From a sound point of view, the open space makes it less oppressive. It's nice and light. And it's certainly more photogenic. From a selfish logistics perspective it is a bastard to get to in a van. :)

    For those complaining of no bargains - we were offering 15%-20% off instruments on the day. As well as organising discounts for show attendees who want to buy afterwards.

    Rather than having a moan, if you ACTUALLY attended the show, and you feel there is anything we - as exhibitors - can do to improve things for you. Let me know. Other than that I know Sylvia is feeding stuff back to the show organisers.

    It was EXHAUSTING - but a lot of fun. If the show organisers can assure me they'll do more to tackle the things that annoy me, I'll certainly be back next year. Look forward to seeing you guys at the Birmingham Guitar Show and Manchester Bass Show in Feb and March.

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  10. Tony Butler will be joining us on Sunday 22nd at the Chowny stand at the UK Guitar Show at 11:00 for a meet and greet if you're a Big Country or Tony Butler fan.

    Then at 13:15-14:00 he will be doing a talk in the Tone Zone where he will talk about his new signature bass among other subjects (interviewed by Joel McIver from Bass Guitar Magazine)

    Please come and say Hi.


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  11. 17 minutes ago, funkyjimbob said:

    Do people seriously go to a bass guitar show and get annoyed about the sound of other people playing bass guitars? 😂

    It's ALL headphones ALL the time at Casa Chowny at the show. (I lie... we'll have Markbass Combos with headphones, so you can make noise if you want to). But you can also use headphones. Best of both worlds. 

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  12. HELPER NEEDED. I need an extra pair of hands on my stand in case I need to go pee or eat or suchlike. I can get you in the show (and you're free to wander around and go watch the artists) as long as you check in with me periodically. Ideally if you can hang around till the end of Sunday and watch my stuff while I go get the van that'd be good too. 

    I'll buy you lunch and get you entry for both days. DM/PM me if you feel like doing it. :)

    *** I LOVE BASSCHAT! I have a helper. Best community site EVER! Thanks

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