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  1. I have a black musicman stingray with maple neck and looking at switching to fender if anyone wants to trade
  2. Don't spose you would be interested in trade at all ?
  3. That's kool thanx for tip ha ha yea it's loud enough but always wanting more lol
  4. Going through a ampeg 8 10 classic and yea at venues and tours can go through pa but just in general really
  5. Ok thank you for letting me know it what was could you in theory modify it ?
  6. Hey guys does anyone know how I can increase the power of this amp with out it peaking love the sound just want it louder running it through a classic 8 10
  7. Hey gonna any one surgest how I can increase the power I this head without it peaking because I love the sound just want it louder Thanx guys
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