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  1. A belated update on my string situation... I’ve ended up with a set of Preludes from my local shop - Bristol Violin Shop. They fitted the strings, shaped the nut and improved the setup all for a very reasonable £130. It’s still not a great instrument- certain notes buzz pretty badly and the strings aren’t particularly well tonally matched but it’s much more fun to play now and my bass playing is coming on quickly which is the most important thing!
  2. Thanks for all your suggestions. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for second hand set. Seems they’re more likely to be listed in the double bass section rather than the accessories one?
  3. Are those Alice strings likely to be any better than the stock strings TheGreek?
  4. I’m pretty new to the upright and needed something to play during lockdown so have bought the only bass for sale locally - a second hand Cremona SB-2... It definitely needs a string upgrade - I’d guess it still has the factory supplied ones which feel pretty horrible. But it seems mad to spend £100+ on strings for an instrument I don’t anticipate keeping for more than a few months. Any thoughts?
  5. I bought a few pedals from Ryan and he was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Ryan! Sam
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