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  1. fordbass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Hi all, Sadly I'm not a regular here but was told about the bash by a fellow member, I only live down the road from the hall so will do my best to make sure I get there, be good to see what others have got going on! Cheers Steve
  2. fordbass

    To Markbass or not, that is the question???

    Thx Prime and Dan, but as I said above it didnt warrant paying out £400 for something that didnt do any different to my Ashdown head, thx for answering though!
  3. fordbass

    To Markbass or not, that is the question???

    dave bass 5 I must admit I have acquired a SansamP Bass Driver and I must admit it does add some oomph to the proceedings but I dont use it with my normal covers band, but I do with the other band I'm in as our drummer is effing loud lol
  4. fordbass

    To Markbass or not, that is the question???

    Thansk for that JTUK and davehux, not saying it wasnt powerful enough just didnt warrant paying £400 for what I can do with the Ashdown, just for the record I play in a rock covers band, 5 piece with 2 guitars and I run the MAG through a Trace Elliott 1 x 15 and sometimes with an Ashdown 2 x 10 on top, and the Ashdown is more than adequate to keep up with the rest of them, rarely get it past the 9 o clock position on the volume, but never have to go as far as the 12 o clock so more than ample, but each to his own, playing a Fender Jazz but always use the neck pickup never the bridge, and never had any complaints lol, also my brother is one of the guitarists and hes been in bands for years and knows what hes doing and he dont complain, and believe me thats a good thing lol
  5. fordbass

    To Markbass or not, that is the question???

    Thanks again for your replies, and contrary to everyones opinion above the MarkBass has come and gone, I'm not saying it wasnt nice and a good sound, but to me wasnt any better than my Ashdown, maybe I am just accustomed to working with the MAG, but what I got out of the MB didnt warrant me paying £400 for, so I have stuck with the MAG I suppose its what you like that matters not just the fact that something has a good name and reputation to back it up, so for now the Ashdown is staying, keeps the wife happy too that I'm not wasting my money on bass gear again lol!
  6. fordbass

    To Markbass or not, that is the question???

    Cheers everyone for your input, I have gone for it and it should be here Monday, so we will find out then if I like it! Re. the reliability issues, tbh it could happen with anything even the supposedly "reliable" makes, but I always carry a spare head when gigging as well as having my DI pedal should we get desperate lol Have a great weekend all!
  7. Hi all, Been considering upgrading my current Ashdown head to the Markbass Little Mark III and wondered what the good people of Basshcat have to say on the matter?? Currently running an Ashdown MAG 300 head into a Trace Elliot 1 x 15, I play in a rock/pop covers band and my current rig does us fine but you know how it is Love to hear what you guys (and gals) have to say, whether it be good or bad Keep it low Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks Howie, will see how it goes after the change!
  9. Hi guys Thanks for your responses, I am going to look at the wiring and possibly swapping, I'm also going to change to 250K pots to, think they might be 500's in at the moment just to see what that does Cheers Steve
  10. Thanks Rob, but no, checked that, the right volume knob works for the right pickup
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping someone here may be able to help with this one. I have just upgraded pickups in my cheap Jazz copy to genuine Fender pickups bought off EBay (cant prove they are genuine, only have sellers word), and the neck pickup appears to be more trebley than the bridge, any ideas anyone? I have installed them in the right places, checked length etc. just to make sure I hadnt put them in the wrong place. With my usual Fender Jazz I usually play everything through the neck pickup but this is sounding a bit too trebley on this one, have I done something wrong? Many thanks for looking Cheers Steve
  12. Yeah second the above thanks to Jim for setting up and David for his chat, good to meet some fellow bassists from this neck of the woods. Be good to do it again and I may summon up courage to bring my gear next time!
  13. Cheers jimrs2k, not sure if the talent is there either but I do enjoy playing and the crowds we play to seem to agree lol, not being big headed I hope!
  14. Hi, Looking at some of the gear you guys play I doubt I am up to your standards but would be interesting to meet up, I could probably only do 12th October though depending on family lol Cheers Steve
  15. fordbass

    South West meet up?

    Hi, I'd be interested in this if it gets off the ground, based in Taunton, but Exeter would be good, can also offer car share if required. Not the greatest in the world but do enjoy playing with my covers band and we are well booked so must be doing something right lol! Also be good just to hear from other local people if they want to "friend" me, I'm not a murderer honest lol Cheers Steve