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  1. Levellers in Brighton, Keane in Battle, Roger Daltry's fish farm is just down the road, Shirley Collins, Paul McCartney near Rye for starters.
  2. Have to concede that one - Ampeg SVT with an 8x10 is THE classic backline.
  3. Ric - 50s design, thin pickups, rubbish tone with fingers (OKish with a pic) - Chris Squires - Precision for recording. Bruce Foxton - Precision because Rics impossible to keep in tune - look great/sound crap. Great look, great style - but if you want to play bass then stick with a P/'Ray!!! Every bass player dreams of a Ric - and every bass player goes back to a P after playing one!! Nuf said.
  4. Well, its taken 20 or so basses and various amps, cabs and combos but at the end of the day there is only one bass sound... A Fender Precision through a valve amp (or, at least, a valve pre) into a 15 cab (or preferably a 2x15). I will concede that a Fender Jazz might be acceptable - and a 2x10 can open up that 15 tone a little - but basically what Leo got right in '51 is still right today! Kevlar body armour in place for all the comments that this post will generate!!
  5. Moment of madness - traded it for a Markbass 152 HR - from light and subtle to DEEP & LOUD!! Just need some stadium gigs to do it justice>
  6. [quote name='HADGE' timestamp='1330191131' post='1553986'] the sunburst mate the best colour [/quote] I'm glad you like it - I kick myself every day for selling it - have another sunburst now - 2011 model - but its not as nice - bit heavier and not as 'warm' sounding! Hey ho - my loss, your gain!!
  7. [quote name='HADGE' timestamp='1330168019' post='1553592'] [i]Hi Tografox the precision you sold me is fantastic best fender i have ever had cheers mate[/i] [/quote] Don't rub it in!!!! Was it the Sunburst one or the Black one?
  8. [quote name='Carlos' timestamp='1330151128' post='1553358'] The blue one? Have you registered it as stolen on the Rickenbacker register? They have a specific register for stolen Ricks, and if I was buying one it'd be the first place I'd look to try and check it's legitimacy. [/quote] No, the gorgeous blue one is perfectly 'kosher' - bass to die for!! 'Mine' was the 2008 model Jetglo with the custom black pickguard and the custom bridge pickup surround. I'll check out the Ric register. Insurance paid me out at the time - I have since informed all the interested parties that it popped up on ebay - down to them if they want to do anything about it.
  9. [quote name='HADGE' timestamp='1330118542' post='1553154'] [i]on the subject of left handed basses any one got a left handed rickenbacker for sale[/i] [/quote] Well, the one I had stolen in 2010 just sold on ebay - no doubt it will appear again!! Police and insurers informed - for all the good that did!! The insurance payout was invested in a Fender Precision.
  10. [quote name='Leftbass' timestamp='1330113412' post='1553062'] Hey guys lets get back to what this forum is all about. Selling Left handed basses.... [/quote] Fair point!
  11. [quote name='leftybassman392' timestamp='1329939492' post='1550149'] Interesting. Do you happen to remember whether it was 17% by model or 17% of actual sales? Also, I wonder if it would be the same now. You'd like to think it would be better, but I'm not so sure. [/quote] From memory - no idea where my notes are - it was my calculation based on models available in the UK. No one I spoke to would impart any financial information so no idea about lefty sales - or righty for that matter!!
  12. Try a MarkBass R500 - break up really nicely if you push them - AX7 pre tube - Markbass take on the SVT3. Its now discontinued and going for silly money (for what it is) if you hunt around - there's one on ebay for £599 - list was around £850. Thomann had them even cheaper but they've all gone
  13. I researched and wrote and article on left handed basses a few years ago. Given that only about 10% of the population are lefties, the number of lefty basses available probably exceeds that - this is especially true at the entry and low price end of the market. Warwick, for instance, offer nearly all of their basses in leftie and Musicman supply their most popular models in leftie. Of course Gibson offer nothing and Fender - possibly the iconic bass brand - only offer one Precision and two Jazz models. The real pain, is that the choice is generally limited and special editions are rarely issued in left hand form. From memory, when I did the piece, about 17% of basses offered in the UK were left handed (bearing in mind that Warwick offered almost 100% and Fender around 5% of their ranges) In the past I have gone down the Warmoth route to build custom lefties although I've now gone full circle and back to an 'old skool' American Precision. Good luck with the research - I'll have a Musicman Stingray HH with Piezo in Rebel Yellow with an ebony fretboard and black hardware when you persuade them all to offer some decent specials!!
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