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  1. Just remember no one person is right  they are all opinions, but based on experience. You will never lose a lot on second hand  decent basses. If you buy a good American Fender brand new, you will lose a few hundred quid on resale, or 20 years time , could go up in value. I paid £1200 for a Clover Avenger. I will lose more money on that, than a Fender, and will have a harder time on resale. Not many will have tried one let alone heard of it. I bought it at bass Direct.

     If £1500 is not really a big problem on resale at a later date, i would look at somewhere like bass direct, or bass Gallery, then see what is about.There is a lot of choice. I bought a Warwick bass on Thomann. They are German  but don't be worried about buying from there. They are well packaged and get few complaints, and can be cheaper than buying here. As you can't visit shops at the moment, you can only buy online anyway.

     I went on gut instinct when i bought mine, and I am glad as I love my bass. I wasn't a member here then so my head wasn't filled with hundreds of different variables  and being left cuts my choice down tremendously. I am not selling either. I did at least try my bass before i bought my first. I would be loathe to pay £1500 without trying on my first purchase. Harley Benton could be a good choice until you can try lots out when they reopen. Will give you a better idea in 6 months time when you want to spend serious money. I bet you don't know if a fan fret would be perfect for you at this time! 


  2. As soon as I can find one that isn`t black or natural, I am going to bite the bullet and  get an Combustion



  3. That is interesting. I saw one the other day, but I thought I must have misheard him as he was playing through an ashdown amp. I just looked at the video. They do look good, but the competition at the price will have to be really special for them to break through.

  4. The standard Combustion has EMG BT 07 3 band pre amps today. Not sure if they have always been the same. The AB1 is way out of my price range. They are nearly double the cost  of an Evolution. I bet they are good though

  5. 2 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    I don't think you can criticise the band for being commodified in that way after the fact.

    Their impact was huge and at the time I felt they had saved music from dissolving into a mush of mediocrity.

    I don`t blame them, and not taking anything away from them, as I thought they were good. Just saying that they are becoming a T shirt rather than a band. They are fashion today


  6. 35 minutes ago, ubit said:

    We always get back to taste. This thread is just about who you like or don't like. I love Rush. They are my all time favourite band. Hardly over rated when they had to struggle for 4 albums before gaining any success, then hard work and graft for over 40 years gave them the success that they deserved. They only recently got inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame!

    Yeah. I meant lucky in todays music where you need to be good looking, and have a record label behind you. You never see gear laden transits in motorway services anymore

    Rush deserve the accolades, as they worked their way up in the true sense of making it big.

  7. 16 minutes ago, PaulWarning said:

    perhaps the he title of the thread ought to be "Who do you think are overrated/ underated artists?"

    Clearly someone who is successful cannot be overrated by a lot of people, by the same token, nobody is everybody's cup of tea

    I think Rush are over rated. I know they aren't though. They were very successful. An oxymoron. All the opinions on here will belie the fact that they aren't. Lucky or unlucky are different thing though.

  8. I would say underated for me is 13th Floor Elevators. Most know the early psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd, but they were at the forefront.

    There is not really any over rated bands. Some have luck, others don't. There are a lot i hate, but if they are selling millions, then they are only over rated by me. I can't stand Kanye West and his ripping off for his records, but he sells millions.

  9. I do like listening to her  but really only have R2 on in the car as i still have an old radio. With the lockdown, i haven't had the car  for a while. Definately one of the better shows on R2. Depending on the year, i like the Pick of the Pops show.I am usually on Planet Rock at home, but will have to listen to Craig Charles. I like some soul.

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  10. Thanks. I am attracted to them by the fan frets  as they look more natural. I have quitevsmall hands so thought if might be easier. It is virtually impossible to try left handed  so always a gamble.

     I had never heard of Nolly Getgood until a week ago. I don't like his music much now I have looked. I believe the main difference is the Darkglass preamp in the NG, and the pickup position over the standard Evolutuon. As I have no interest in Periphery, i am not sure if it is worth the extra cash.  I read the NG has a MM vibe and the standard is Jazz vibe

     Thanks forbthe replies

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  11. I have this real urge to buy a Dinwall now I have noticed you can get them lefthanded. Has anyone got one and like the fan frets? 

  12. Thanks for all the replies. As with the virus, things went a bit quiet. I haven`t had chance to see the cab in the shed, but sent me photos of the head. I don`t know if anyone knows if the tubes are gone by looking at it though. I have seen about £200 for the valves.







  13. I have the chance to by a Fender Bassman 100. The head has been in a house for 20 years. The cab in a shed. I know i will have to get the head serviced for new bad soldering and probably tubes. Does anyone know what a fair price would be? It was made in 1976

  14. 3 hours ago, EBS_freak said:

    Mudpup nails it. Before you even think about buying one for mobile use, consider the weight of them. They aren't an insignificant thing to be lugging around. And no, there is no light weight equivalent. It's the mass of them that makes them effective.

    When you say "bleeding into other microphones", which microphones? You may be able to improve the situation by better microphone technique and different microphones. If you can give me some information, I may be able to give you some pointers.

    I am not wanting one, i have just seen i few bsnds use them and wondered why. The mic bleed is just something i read as a reason to use them. Someone suggested it is down to making it easier for the soundman. That could be possible, as I mainly see them on stages where multiple bands use. I just wondered if smaller venues with just a 1 support and main band would have any benifit. 

  15. I read an article stating they were fairtly popular in some churches, especially a vaulted roof, as it stops the drum booming. 

     The other time I remember was watching The Who at Glastonbury. Maybe a similar thing to the Brit Awards as it is quicker , so maybe on to something saying it is for the sound guy. I think Townsend kicked the screen down in the end

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