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  1. Purple Chili 600w 2x12 lightweight cabinet

    By the way - how do I change the heading to reflect that I've withdrawn the item?
  2. Purple Chili 600w 2x12 lightweight cabinet

    I've decided to withdraw this as I'm just about to move and I'm thinking I may regret letting this go.
  3. Purple Chili 600w 2x12 lightweight cabinet

    Not a clue at the moment - I'll see if I can take the back off tomorrow.
  4. Ibanez SR600(?) Black

    For Sale £75 plus carriage Ideal for someone who enjoys a challenge! I think this is a SR600 but happy to be put right. Purchased on a whim from eBay and has not really been used as I bid for a Yamaha at the same time which turned out to be much more my style. As you can see the finish is cracking in places but the electrics appear to be fine - with a few crackles. A project or home noodle?
  5. Purple Chili 600w 2x12 lightweight cabinet

    Reduced to £250
  6. Ampeg B500DR

  7. Yamaha BB424 Red Metallic

    Final price drop - £125 plus carriage at cost For those of you that love your basses with a relic look I've started the process for you - at no extra charge!!!!
  8. Yamaha BB424 Red Metallic

  9. Ampeg B500DR

    No love for this fabulous amp? How about £250?
  10. Sold Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line

    Now sold
  11. [b]For Sale £300 – collection from Godalming, Surrey[/b] My clear out continues… Here we have my Purple Chili 2x12 cabinet rated at 600w at 8 Ohms. Loaded with Celestion neodymium 12” speakers. No tear or wear anywhere. As you can see in the pictures this is in excellent condition. It also comes with a very smart Roqsolid cover. Features a 1.25mm metal front grille. It has two Neutrik speakon connectors and two jacks for connections. Cab size is 24w x 17d x 30h. Weighs in at 40 lbs Incredible cabs, punchy, and articulate – but really light hence very manageable to move about. Have moved to a Barefaced SuperCompact so this really needs to be used rather than sit at home feeling sad. Come round for a play if you fancy.
  12. Ampeg B500DR

  13. Yamaha BB424 Red Metallic

    Further reduction to £150
  14. [b]For Sale Only £150 + Carriage[/b] I bought this new from Andertons and have only used it once at a rehearsal to make sure everything was working correctly. Other than that it's been kept at home as a back-up but now I've just purchased a Trace Elliot Elf (phenomenal piece of kit) this is surplus to my needs. Can be tried in Godalming, Surrey [b]Product specifications[/b][list] [*]preamp: solid state [*]amplifier: analogue [*]power supply: Special Markbass Digital Power Supply [*]power: 150 watts RMS at 8 ohms, 250 watts RMS at 4 ohms [*]equalizer: low, low-mid, mid-high, high [*]operating levels of pre-EQ and post-EQ [*]pre/post EQ selectable [*]connectors for effect send and effect return [*]weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg) [/list]
  15. Ampeg B500DR

    Now only £300!!