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  1. NORTH WEST BASS BASH 12th Feb 2017

    Will do but I don't think it will be anytime soon !
  2. NORTH WEST BASS BASH 12th Feb 2017

    Hi All, Apologies for not leaving a post earlier - I'm not into this "posting" thing but that no excuse for not recording a really big thank you to the organisers. It's nearly always a thankless task organising events but judging by the posts I think that this time your efforts were well and truly appreciated. Thanks also to everyone who let me play their basses, I enjoyed the opportunity to get my hands on basses I'd only ever read about - thanks again everyone. Final thought - I'm really glad I didn't suffer a large bump on the head and missing bass 😃
  3. NORTH WEST BASS BASH 12th Feb 2017

    Sorry about the double post ☹️
  4. NORTH WEST BASS BASH 12th Feb 2017

    Like Bass Culture, it's 6 miles away so I'm in ! I will bring a Zoot Iceni bass ( originally owed by Bass Culture) and a EBS Reidmar head.
  5. Hi Everyone

    Thanks everybody for the kind comments regarding my initial post. Quick update - I didn't mean a Zoom amp at all, what I really meant was a Roland. See, aged 65, retired and definately getting dodgy mentally. I'm reviewing my situation, to pinch a line by some one else who will remain uncredited, and can confirm that I am still happy with my Zoot bass and as [teacher] Mark is still taking my calls/texts I presume I haven't totally p......ed him off with my persistant "wrong" positioning of my fretting hand thumb - Sorry Mark! Going back to the amp situation I've now moved more towards finding as Trace Elliot Boxer 65 as, reading the few reviews left online, it seems that it's able to act as both a home practise amp and a small gig amp plus I do like those early T/E's. Any views/comments would be appreciated bearing in mind we don't have Keith Moon as a drummer. Any news of a 65 for sale in the North West/ North Wales area would also be appreciated. If I do buy a T/E 65 I will of cause, have to dispose of a bit of surplus equipment. Does anyone else have a problem getting started selling stuff on ebay? once I've started I'm usually ok but I've got "avoidance" down to a fine art - must have rubbed off on to me from all those students I had to convince to "START THEIR DISSERTATIONS!" Looking forward to your comments. Cheers everyone.
  6. Hi Everyone

    My brilliant bass tutor Mark said I must join Basschat so......................... My name's Les and life as we know it really started very late for me - I didn't start playing bass until about 1990 [ so I was over 40] when I was asked to join a friend's group. We played 1950/60's rock covers with the odd [relatively] modern C&W, Eagles etc. Obviously I could get away with mainly Root/5ths and life was pretty good for quite a while. Eventually, as these things go, the group disbanded and I didn't play actively until the mid 2000's when I put together a group drawn from the staff at the University at which I worked. This did some of the songs I brought from the old group plus a lot of more up to date stuff brought by the younger members of staff [!] My bass playing moved on from Root/5th's, but not by very much though I wasn't found out [ atleast I don't think so!] and we were together until last year, 2012, when finally career and family committments took the younger members away. Currently the rump of the group, who are all retired - don't ask our average age!! - [drummer/keyboards/me] are continuing as a "power trio" mainly for fun but with a view to gigging occasionally, probably when we've supplimented the group with a vocalist/lead guitar. Over the years I've played the usually copies, Precision/Jazz/Musicman with as range of combos though I did own a Fender Bass amp for a while. Currently I own a copy violin bass, bought on a whim and soon to be re-sold, a Musicman American made SUB Bass 4 - my first quality bass- also soon to be sold and now I'm the very proud owner of the Zoot Custom Chaser advertised on the Bass Chat site last year. Ampwise I have a Ashdown Super Fly head with a Behringer 2x10 cab. I've always prefered 10's to 15's. I also have a Laney head which I created from an original R3 combo. So, not a lot of money spent over the years really with the exception of the SUB Bass and the Zoot but it's been a lot of fun. Retirement has given me the time to learn to play "properly", which is where Mark comes in. You know when you go to a golf pro and he takes your [ what you thought was a perfectly good] technique apart and puts back together again so Mark has done to me! I now practise regularly and there is light at the end of the tunnel - I think!! but more importantly it's still fun. Welllllllllllll - probably gone on for far too long and about things of little interest to anyone but me - sorry I'm looking forward to reading the various forums and items for sale. [I have a hankering for a Zoom practise amp the same as Mark uses for teaching or is it just "the the tone on the amp over there is always better?!] Who knows.