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  1. I think I'm ok on the bass front as it's passive so hopefully won't blow the soundcard. I will look into the options - quick and dirty or cheap and cheerful will do me! Thanks everyone.
  2. I have a bass, and I have a PC (tower variety with various inputs). How do I connect one to the other so I can play the bass through the PC speakers while playing music through same?
  3. Bob G

    Hi from Welwyn!

    I'll keep an eye out for that, Gary.
  4. I have this Peavey head dated 1979, I'm used to bass/mid/treble/maybe presence on amps, what does the parametric eq do, and how does it work?
  5. Probably been asked before, but how do I cure noisy/crackly pots on my Peavey head?
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Bob Green, I'm 61 and have been playing bass since I was 15. i've had a layoff of about 15 years during which time I dedicated myself to playing the saxophone then the double bass, but now it's time to get back into the real reason why I make music, the bass guitar. Coincidentally, a friend decided he wanted some space in his flat so I have acquired, on long term loan, a couple of basses - a Squier P-bass and some kind of Yamaha, also an old Peavey 100 head and a really old Vox 2 x 15 cab. I'm just starting to really get back into it, if I can sell my double bass and a couple of saxes I will upgrade to an instrument of my choice, most likely a real Fender - I'm a traditionalist like that! I love most kinds of music, in the past I've played prog rock, punk, jazz funk, blues, indie pop/rock, psychedelic/electronic etc, even dabbled in the simpler end of the murky waters of jazz. My favourite bassists, in no particular order, are Richard Sinclair, John Wetton, Mike Howlett, Colin Moulding, Bruce Thomas, Hugh Hopper, Bill MacCormick, Holger Czukay and many others. I will quite literally listen to anything. I expect I'll be asking a few questions, hopefully I will get some worthwhile answers, but I also look forward to just chatting and sharing with other people, it looks like a nice place here!
  7. I have recently acquired a bass and have no idea what strings it has on it (other than that they are metal as opposed to gut or synthetic) or how old they are. If I were to describe the winding at each end by colour would it be possible to identify them that way? The reason I ask this is because, as I develop my technique I may want strings that produce, say, a warmer, or punchier, or more sustainy, or louder (!) tone so it would be useful to know what I am currently using as a reference point for further exploration. Perhaps I should point out that I am working towards playing jazz, and pizz only, for now at least. If this is any help the silk at the tail end is a darkish red, at the headstock E is green, A black, D red, G brown. Thanks for any help!
  8. I'm new to this double bass playing, about a month in, although I've played bass guitar for over 40 years. What I would like to know is how Danny Thompson gets that growl in his sound, does he have a particularly low action, or heavy right hand action, or is a particular string make more likely to produce this sound? Whatever, I like it a lot, even though I'm not likely to try and emulate it (at least not yet!)
  9. Hi Geoff, I am new to double bass (2 days in!) although I've played bass guitar on and off (mostly on) for nearly 40 years. I've only briefly perused your lessons, but from what little I've seen I think they will be right up my street. Thanks for all the time and effort which you must have put into it
  10. Bob G

    Bob here, hi!

    Thanks for the welcomes and the pointer to the EUB & Real bass section. If it's as friendly and helpful here as the sax-players forum I was on until recently I'm sure I'll have a great time
  11. Hello, Bob here from wonderful Welwyn Garden City. I'm 58 and been playing various instruments for 50 years - mainly bass guitar and acoustic guitar but also keyboard (throwback to childhood piano lessons) and drums, although for the last 10 years I've been playing saxophones almost exclusively. I have been the proud owner of a double bass since just yesterday, and want to get into some jazz playing, probably at the simpler or more bluesy end. I may well have some very basic questions to ask in the future, and this seems like a good place. Cheers (with aching fingers!), Bob
  12. Whoops, maybe I wasn't too clear, it's for a bass guitar rather than upright! The Gallien Kruger MB210 sounds interesting, especially as various expansion speakers are available. My budget I guess would be up to about 400-ish, and the sort of sound I am after would be more-or-less the traditional Fender thump - I love the feel and sound of a Precision although my last bass which I swapped for my current saxophone was a late 80's Fender Jazz with actives which I loved. I didn't over-use the actives, it just meant it could replicate the sound of a Fender with new strings all the time. That is the sound!
  13. Hi bassists, I have need of some kind of bass combo, preferably small and light for portability and space reasons, yet loud enough to be heard in, say, smaller club settings or playing with jazz combos. What would you recommend, and what wattage would suffice? I've seen various upright bassists using what look like very small combo's with small speakers (8 or 10 inch at a guess) which seem to be quite punchy, and wonder if something like this would be ok for bass guitar. Bearing in mind my last bass combo was a big old Peavey TNT I am somewhat out of touch with the latest technological developments, so any help would be appreciated. One of my main considerations as I said is that I would like it to be quite small, also it would be nice if it had a headphone jack and line in for home practising playing along with CD's or MP3's etc, but that isn't an essential. Cheers, Bob
  14. I've just been reading through this thread - I have a real hankering for an upright, I've been playing saxes for about 8 years but following recent dental work it's quite uncomfortable, and as a bass-player of some 30 years the old low notes are calling to me once again. I don't really have room for a 'real' DB unfortunately, so I reckon EUB might be the way to go. Having read all this, I am definitely going to count the pennies a bit. If not a Stagg (which seems to have nice features) is there something a little better/more expensive, say around the 7-800 quid mark? Cheers, Bob
  15. Thanks for all the help everybody! Plenty to think about, especially as I have just got back from seeing a piano trio featuring the utterly wonderful Arnie Somogyi playing bass.
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