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  1. Bought a Yamaha bass from project c. Arrived to me before my cheque to him had cleared. First class. Thank you. Dave.
  2. And I will reply to your reply very soon !!!!!! Thanks mate, Dave.
  3. [quote]What are you watching my vids for then?[/quote] Dave.
  4. Really good. "note to self" it's brilliant. I'll listen to it again..... Dave.
  5. Yes, looks good. Looking forward to the other videos. Being a new Pod user myself, I'll would like to see some vids from the guys who know what they are doing with it. Dave.
  6. [quote]As you're into Lizzy, you must check out the latest incarnation of the band[/quote] Yes I should, but to be honest for me Lynott WAS Thin Lizzy.... The real strange thing is I used to go and see Lizzy play when I was younger, now my son goes to watch them....That is strange, nice....but strange !!!!! My son said they were great live, so maybe next time I'll go with him and see for myself. Thanks for the replys everyone. Dave.
  7. [quote]How are you learning to play?[/quote] Slowly !!!!! I'm getting Thin Lizzy bass tabs off of the net and just trying to play songs I know. It's all good fun, in fact I think my next door neighbour likes Thin Lizzy because he was banging on the wall this morning when I was playing Jail Break..... Dave.
  8. Hi guys, I've been "lurking" on here for ages and thought it was about time I signed up. I am very new to bass playing and do it just for a hobby, (no intention of giging or ever trying to earn a living from music, as if I'd ever be good enough to!!!) The music I listen to is so varied it would be stupid to list, but main influence is Phil Lynott. I think he was a very under rated player. I've got a Yamaha 760A bass (ebay) A little Hartke combo (cash coverters) and a Bass Pod xt (ebay) The set up is good enough for what I need (annoying my wife and neighbours) but I would like another Bass guitar one day.... Dave.
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