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  3. You stated price or trade value, any particular things you might be interested in tradewise?
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  6. Bought a Warwick from David. Great contact, I was provided with all the info I needed. The package was shipped so safely that I was surprised one could pack a bass that safe! I can surely recommend dealing with Dave. Thanks for the bass, Cheers!
  7. Make yourself a great christmas present! Also - tradewise I'm really aiming at a lower-grade basses with a bigger money my way! Cheers!
  8. Thanks Andy! Another bump! Just a remainder, the price includes the shipping and handling aswell as the hardshell case and some other smaller thing!
  9. @Angel, I sure know that I was just being a little pesty Back-from-vacation bump
  10. Another bump! I will be away until 26th, so any PM's will be answered after my return
  11. @Bassmurf - Thank you! Another shameless selfbump, I can't believe there's no one interested in this beauty
  12. Hi! I just registered on BassChat, sorry that my first post is a sale thread. I'm looking for a new owner for my american-made Spector NS-4H2. I have bought it last summer from USA, new, hence I'm the first owner of this bass. I have used it for gigging for the past year, not too extensively though and I took nearly perfect care of this beauty. Spoiler containsts a more precise description of the bass. [spoiler] This Spector is in nearly perfect condition, the only thing that might bother your eye are small dings on the "bottom of the bass". They appeared after the bass slipped of off a guitar stand at home. You can see it in the pictures I have attached in this post. Not really that disturbing, but worth mentioning anyway. Also, there is one screw missing on the back cover and one screw missing on the truss rod cover. All in the pictures. Now, onto the technical detail! Bass is composed of a mohogany body, with a really stunning redwood burl top. As far as I know there were only four made of these. And this certain model can be observed on Spectorcentral.com, on one of the wallpapers in the Spector porn section. Neck made of quartersawn maple, on top of which you can see a marvelous pau ferro fingerbord. 24 frets, in perfect shape. Hipshot A bridge, Gotoh machine heads, Dunlop straplock, two strap piece included. All hardware in black. The bass is loaded 2 EMG 35CS-TW pickups and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. This gives a whole lot of tonal possibilities, given that both pickups may work in in dual and single-coil mode throught the use of a push-pull pot. Currently the bass is strung up with Galli Strings 145, and tuned to low A, but if requested, I can restring the bass with a fresh set DR Lo-Riders 110 to 50's. The bass comes with an original Spector hard shell case (pretty good condition), free of charge. I'm based in Poland, so as long theres no one nearby interested in this gorgeous bass, I am willing to ship it, and I can't imagine shipping it without the case. Reason I'm putting it up for sale/trade? I'm in desperate need of money and I need to downgrade my gear, but I know its worth and I will not accept offers below what I think this beauty is worth. If anyone thinks that pictures provided are not enough, just let me know what you'd like to see and I'll add more as soon as I can. [/spoiler] Money I would like to get for this bass is[size=5] now [s]1750[/s] 1500 GPB[/size], which also includes the case, strap pieces, packing and insured postage through UPS within the EU. Also accepting trade offers with a different bass and cash my way. Hit me up with a PM and let's see what I can do about your offer! You can also contact me via mail at piotr.paciorek(at)gmail.com or my cellphone (if you're aware of all the fees etc.) at +48 600 525 080, I'm ready to answer all of your questions Cheers! And now, the eyecandy!
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