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  1. [quote name='gilmour' post='139151' date='Feb 12 2008, 10:44 PM']Just thinking about this, do you mean the pre amp on my bass, or in my amp? or both? I was thinking it would be really interesting to see how this sounds with a passive bass, but all mine have active pre's and active pups. I might just ask you this question when I see you next, seems odd asking you on a forum, yet I continue to type...[/quote] I didn't realise you had a preamp on your bass as well. Does the hissing go away when you disconnect your bass? If so then it may well be worth checking the bass preamp circuit to see if quieter versions of the semiconductors could be sourced. With regard to the hissing effect dissapearing when you move out of the tweeters 'line of fire', the higher the frequency, the more directional it is. In fact I believe I'm right in saying that if half the frequency's wavelength is longer than the room you are in, you can't get its direction which is why you get multiple upper range speakers and only one bass unit in home entertainment systems. Looking forward to hearing this thing full-throttle. Well done Rob, a really very pro looking unit which will certainly have your fellow bassists asking where they can get one. (I personally prefer the open front effect. It reminds me of those folded horn units we used to use). Larry
  2. Hello dude. Glad the cab's causing glee! That hissing is the sound of excited electrons rushing through your pre-amp. You can hear them now because you have a really efficient HF unit. - Larry
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