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  1. Great suggestions :-D Lots to learn. Thanks everyone.
  2. Some great suggestions, thanks everyone Now to get them past a guitarist who thinks that any suggestion of learning something complicated is because you're an "egomaniac" and not interested in pleasing the crowd! He's a top bloke, but he doesn't get the whole 'pushing yourself musically' thing at all!
  3. Hi all, So, I'm playing in a covers band doing classic and modern rock. They have a (fairly sensible) rule about only doing well known, crowd pleasing, danceable songs. Most of the stuff we do is fairly easy on bass. I wondered if anyone could suggest some songs that meet their criteria, but are more challenging for me. (The guitarist is not one for learning difficult pieces, just to add to the problem!) Thanks for your help
  4. Bought a Hydrive cab off Alex. Great communication and very pleasant. Cab is fantastic. Recommended.
  5. Oh yes, forgot to say, they are Hydrive cabs. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated
  6. Hey all I have an LM3 and 2 Hartke 410s. Two queries: 1. The LM3 has a single output - is there a way to make it use both cabs? If so, how? 2. What will the output be? Sorry for the daft questions. Thanks for your help.
  7. They are Barts If it alters the tone too badly, unfortunately this bass will have to go. I need to be able to position my hand there. Cramming it between the raised pick-ups is making my knuckles very sore!
  8. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated
  9. Hi Everyone, I recently bought an Elrick Evo 4, which I love in terms of action and sound. However, I found getting a lot of pain in my knuckles when I play it. I compared it to my other basses, which I've never had a problem with. I realise that my strap is a little too long on the Elrick, but also that the height of the pickups (they are about half a centimetre from the strings) is forcing my hand into a slightly unnatural forward position. When I play my other basses I tend to pick over the bridge pickup. Because the pickups are so close to the strings I can't do that on this bass. I'd like to adjust the height of the pickups, and am very nervous about damaging the tone. I've never done this before. Can anyone advise me? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Brilliant thanks. What's your feeling on this vs. extending through the PA for more volume. I guess it's a question of tone? Also, do you know why it won't feel 40% louder? Sorry for all the questions. Really appreciate everyone's help.
  12. Great, thanks. What's the best way to connect the amp to two cabs? :-)
  13. Hi All, I'm using an LMiii head into a Hydrive 410 cab. The LMiii specs say, 'OUTPUT POWER - 300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 500W RMS @ 4 ohm' - does this mean I'm currently getting only 300 watts and if I added another Hydrive 410 cab I'd get 500 watts? Sorry to ask what is probably a daft question, but I'm new to this head and cab lark :-) Thanks. M
  14. I'd definitely like first refusal on one of the cabs if you decide to split :-)
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