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  1. Perfect condition. Can post pictures if require!
  2. I have just bought an MXR M87 compressor from Jamie. He was great to deal with and received the product quickly and hassle free. Would recommend!
  3. The bass is complete now. I went to pick it up a couple of weeks ago and its fantastic. Obviously it looks amazing, but it also feels amazing and sounds fantastic. The build quality and the frequent communication with Chris from Alpher have been top notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering buying a UK custom, I will definitely be adding another Alpher to the collection when i decide to buy a new bass!
  4. [attachment=177227:bass1.jpeg] [attachment=177228:bass2.jpeg] [attachment=177229:bass3.jpeg] [attachment=177230:bass4.jpeg] [attachment=177231:bass5.jpeg]
  5. And to get up to date, some building pictures: [attachment=158588:build4.jpeg] [attachment=158589:build.JPG][attachment=158590:build 3.JPG] Pickups, 2&7 o clock [attachment=158591:pickups.jpeg] Enjoy
  6. Swamp Ash body: [attachment=158584:body wood.jpeg] Picture of the main pieces together: [attachment=158585:all2.jpeg] [attachment=158586:alltogether.jpeg] Ebony fingerboard: [attachment=158587:ebony fingerboard.jpeg]
  7. This is the top: [attachment=158583:top.jpeg]
  8. Hello! Like a lot of bass players, i have always wanted a custom bass built and about a month ago decided that i would commission a bass to be built in the UK. I went with Alpher due to customer testimonials, the stunning beauty of the basses and after speaking with Chris, i was very happy for him to be building the bass. So far i can only say that its been an incredible experience, and the help hes offered me with achieving the perfect bass has been outstanding, especially considering this is my first time with this. The specs: 5 String Elite Bass Swamp Ash body Pau Ferro neck Ebony fingerboard Specialist grade maple, which is flamed, quilted and spalted - and looks ridiculous! Wenge veneer Aguilar PJ, reverse P pickups 2 band John East Active/Passive switch 34'' Scale 19mm spacing Will also likely get wooden pickup covers and knob covers I've got all the pictures up to this point to put up also!
  9. A bass has become available that i want, and im willing to sell this cheap to fund it, however if the other bass is sold this will be removed. 1 year old, Mint condition. Has a beautiful Flame Maple Fingerboard, Swamp Ash body. Deluxe East Pre-amp, and OW Pups.Very light, will weigh it upon request. Has a pull Bright boost (instant growl or major slap tone), 3 band EQ and Blend. Plays beautiful, low action and feels amazing. Willing to let this go for £1,199. It cost £2500 new and includes a bound fingerboard. Ill take some proper photos tommorrow, but wanted to post this now to see if theres any interest. But for now, it looks the exact same as the one in the bottom left hand corner, [url="http://overwaterbasses.com/gallery/perception-gallery/"]http://overwaterbasses.com/gallery/perception-gallery/[/url] Thanks for looking!!!
  10. That is genuinely one of the nicest looking basses ive ever seen. Im right handed so im not enquiring, but what does it sound like?
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  13. kr111s


    Im not sure to be honest. I only have 1 bass at a time so im more looking for a trade.
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