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  1. I really love my USA deluxe Jazz bass,it's from 2004(ser.DZ3xxx) and there is no switch for passive mode if you want it,like those new ones.Think this could be very useful,and thinking to instal one.Question is, will be any volume drop while changing from active to passive?Can't find any topic about this, only on Talk bass is something to read about.Has anyone done this little mod and what is outcome?

    Thank you for any input!

  2. I have American deluxe Jazz from 2003 and saddle screws are worn to be useless, to adjust action.Looked online for shops to get them and pretty much very little info wich screws are right for my bass guitar.Only Rattle and Drum have screws to fit Fender bridges,but they are not sure will they fit on mine bridge.Anyone have had same or similar experience and knows where to get right screws.

    Thank you for any help or info.


  3. Couple years ago they been so popular, but recently haven't seen any at all for sale.Somewhere I have seen the newer models have problem with pickups ,D and A string especially,new Lakland pickups and electronics to blame.Anyone playing one and impressions with it.I still like them and thinking to get one.

  4. I've done some shielding on Squier Precision PJ bass, just before everything done tried if everything works.All in place, pickups and electronics,input jack just outside cavity which was shielded as well and all works,no problem at all.When both screws tightened on input jack there is no sound.I was confused completely, reopened,checked all solderings and wires and all fine, tried with amp and working again.Again tightened jack plate,no sound again, so,when I do 2-3 turns back with screws everything works.I have no idea what is happening with this weird input jack.Any help will be much appreciated.


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