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  1. Hi havn't got a micrometer thingy, but here goes... 1976 4001 Scale 84.5mm Nut width 41mm 12th Fret width 53mm Radius 25.4mm Neck depth 3rd 21mm 5th 22mm 12th 23mm
  2. Had this beauty about 18 months. I thought about time I did some research on it. Very similar to the current JJ4 (apart from headstock shape) Had this beauty about 18 months. I thought about time I did some research on it. [url="http://www.moon-guitar.co.jp/bass-jj4.html"]http://www.moon-guitar.co.jp/bass-jj4.html[/url]. The website is vague at best (and in Japanese) and there does not seem to be alot out there Transparent Red, fitted with Bartolini pickups and XTCT or NTCT pre-amp. All hardware is gold and the bridge and tuners are Moon branded. Well worn (in a loved way) and quite heavy (compared to my other Jazzz basses) No visible serial number. Anyone help?? [attachment=22540:DSCF1971___Copy.JPG] [attachment=22542:DSCF1977.JPG]
  3. Got rid of the wife a while ago , my 13 year old daughter has taken over!!! I only have 7 basses and 1 guitar (she has 2 basses and 40 odd pair of shoes mind!!) No more basses are not allowed (unless it was an all black Warwick of some kind for her)
  4. Blew up my Ampeg SVT 3pro luck it was at a rehersal. It is with my local music shop Rockhard in Milton Keynes undergoing tests. I have happly gigged it a number of time with a Trace 2x10 and 1x15 but as we had a larger gig pending I rigged it to a Trace 4x10 I had got from ebay for the first time in conjunction with the 1x15. We think that the previous owner, who had added a twetter to the cab had changed the Ohms and I had been running the amp in to 2Ohms (it lasted an 1Hour and 30mins before it went!) I ended up in Machinehead music in Stevenage at the weekend, I just popped in Honest and came out with an Aguliar AG500, the single channel version OH MY GOD it makes the Ampeg sound dull and lifeless. Just through a 2x10 it was full fat and LOUD Me likes If repairable there will be a SVT3 pro going cheep if anyone is interested.
  5. [quote name='lozbass' post='322662' date='Nov 5 2008, 02:00 PM']"the previous own had mine sprayed Shoreline Gold" Ah, the one from e-bay with the Sadowsky circuit - absolutely gorgeous! I bought the same seller's '75/'76 original Jazz Bass a few years ago - he's a great guy with excellent taste and a penchant for lovely Jazzers! I've a feeling he's on here with us at BC.[/quote] It would be nice if he was. I would want to thank him again for a real beauty
  6. [quote name='Linus27' post='323087' date='Nov 5 2008, 11:24 PM']Darcy, whats that blue Fender Jazz you have in your picture? Looks great and such a wonderful blue colour.[/quote] Linus it's a Bitsa bass. All parts neck etc. The colour.. Cant remember the exact name it was left over at the bodyshop I got it painted at. A Vauxhall colour for a limited edition Corsa Breeze I see that colour on the road quite a bit, although the elements have taken it's toll on the cars lol
  7. Tribute/Charity Gig Our drummer passed away Sunday 2nd November. Although he was suffering from a terminal illness, it was associated problems that cut his life even shorter. I had known Paul for 3 or so years, as the drummer in a mates band and only recently when I joined Spaced Out as my co-partner in the Rhythm section. He had two claims to fame, the first, he had played Wembley Stadium (a good one) and secondly he was the drummer on “Day trip to Bangor” by Fiddlers Dram (no so good ) I have played with a few drummers in my time and gelled with a few, but Paul was special, not spectacular and flashy (but he could be), but very solid. The handful of times we played it was great. A connection was there it felt so tight and natural. A perfect partner for a good rhythm section. A tribute gig is being arranged at Woughton leisure Centre in Milton Keynes on Sunday 14th December (1pm to 6PM) and will included past members of Spaced out and other locals bands, yet to be confirmed. The MK Citizen has advised us they would give us the front page of the Go magazine. Horizon and 3 Counties radio have said they would cover it. It will be celebrating Paul’s life and all proceeds are to go to a yet to be confirmed Charity. If you can make it, it would be appreciated. Cheers Alec Watch our website for updates: www.getspacedout.com
  8. Darcy

    Bass Blogger

    Brought it as an impulse buy and was expecting great things, but I'm not impressed The overdrive section seems flat and lacking something and the fuzz seems a bit light (compared to a little big muff) It went on my pedal board to replace my Boss bass overdrive and came straight off again. I must admit I should spend more time with it but first impressions Anyone else?
  9. I Love my USA 75 re-issue it is my main gigging bass if push came to shove and all but 1 had to go that would be the one. I agree with the natural finish, Not nice, but the previous own had mine sprayed Shoreline Gold [attachment=15585:DSCF2278.JPG] I spent a couple of hours at Coda music in Luton a few weeks ago while their tech sorted out a problem I had on another bass and I played everything they had there. Vintage P bass, some beautiful Musicmans, Warwicks down to an amazing Danelectro, but the bass that came out on top was the MIM 75ish Jazz basses (both a black and a sunburst) they are a lot of bass for £450ish if I hadn't recently added a All parts nice in a similar style to my other Jazz, I would have got one. the neck seemed slightly chunker (like the Allparts one) but not a great deal Go for it.
  10. Action is very good . The previous owner has had a extra bit of wood glued in to that bit gap under the scratch plate to re-enfore that area. I must admit the saddles are cut low to do it! but a nice bass
  11. Paid £399 (off ebay) for this Ibanez Rickenfaker and although not correct in every aspect (compared to my 76 4001) it is a fantastic bass and worth every penny . It does have ricky-ish sounds bit with the high output Seymour pick up I wasn't expecting it to. The previous owner put the ricky tag on it. [attachment=15397:DSCF2436.JPG]
  12. Darcy

    My stash of porn

    [quote name='silverfoxnik' post='269872' date='Aug 25 2008, 10:55 PM']Nice Ric! What are the others making up your rather spiffing collection..?[/quote] The others. Goldie is a 75 Jazz re-issue (custom paint job by the previous owner) Shoreline gold, Sadowsky electircs and Badass (added by me), Rickenbacker 4001 ;-) Frankinstien Jazz bass (blue) All parts neck, bitsa body, Schaller stacked pickups and Badass bridge, all my own work (apart from the final tweeks and set up, Thank you Andy Viccars). Moon custom jazz with Bart pickups..Oh and a Crafter acoustic in the back ground. In reply to Adee No but off Ebay and I agree Jetglow was my 1~ colour...Until you see this
  13. Darcy

    My stash of porn

    [quote name='cd_david' post='269708' date='Aug 25 2008, 07:35 PM']That Ric is the best colour they've ever done, absolutely stunning. Regarding the "clank tone" A new set of strings all controls on full and a bit of bass boost on a LOAD amp! Failing that and you don't get on with it, sell me it LOL Dave[/quote] Dave Brand new strings, but I was cutting the bass, trying to get that clank!!!. Added some good bottom end, I'm there the Chris Squire, Bruce Foxton, all the tones are just there. Sorry no sale. Thanks
  14. Darcy

    My stash of porn

    Now my GAS addiction has finally drained me of spare cash with the latest addition to the family.. A 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 A few crackels, pops and buzzes, a couple of well rusted screws that need attention. Haven't played it live yet but a fellow bass player tried it out at their sound check (open air gig in Buckingham) on Sunday and went all glassy eyed and went on about his he sold in 1978, so it cant be bad. I havn't found that elusive "clank" yet, but close. [attachment=12641:DSCF2345.JPG] [attachment=12642:DSCF2347.JPG]
  15. The Boss LS-2 works a treat and blends my Litte Big Muff and clean sound well. In a quite practice enviroment the mix I use seems very Muff dominant, but in a live one one the mix is great
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