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  1. hi. What's the weight of the bass? regards. Jogi
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  3. Up for sale is a beautiful Fender Precision Fretless made in 1977. The bass was modified. An active EMG Pickup Set was put in, a aftermarket bridge and a D-Tuner was installed. The original tuner is included. The bass has a beautiful sustain and mwaaah. It has a very straight neck and a low action. Very beautiful to play. The price is including p&p within EU. A hardshell case is included. Straight sale only, sorry. This baby is based in Graz / Austria. my reverb feedback https://reverb.com/shop/da-jogis-bass-heaven/feedback
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    thx man! was also really nice to deal with you!
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  6. Selling my beautiful Dingwall Lee Sklar Signature. This bass was signed by Lee himself at the London Bass Guitar Show! Is in good to excellent condition, has two marks. Tried to catch these with the camera. LEE SKLAR SIGNATURE OVERVIEW We’ve built basses for Lee for over 10 years. They’ve become his main touring basses and one of his most used recording basses. For his signature model we combined his favorite features and woods to create a bass with a unique voice that is both powerful and clear. We selected finishes to reflect Lee’s love of Hot Rods. If we were to choose one word to describe the Lee Sklar signature model it would be “Stunning!” Specs: Body Northern Ash on the bass side adds great sustain, clarity and punch to the B and E strings. Alder on the treble side keeps the G and D strings nice and warm sounding. Neck We take neck construction very seriously due to our extensive experience in guitar repairs coupled with our geographic location and corresponding extreme climate. We’ve experimented with many different lamination and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the best. Electronics The Super-Fatty pickups including the shells are made right in our shop here in Canada. Comes with original Dingwall Levi's Gigbag and five Sets of Dingwall Strings. Should be enough for a couple of month. Shipping to EU is included. NEW PRICE: 2380£ Sold Thanks!
  7. FOOT-STOMPING CREATIVITY The ES-8 Effects Switching System begins life with a sharp and clear mission: to provide pro and high-end users with cool and creative solutions. The new and innovative ES-8 is a system that represents a major leap “out of the box” from the standard individual stomp box utility. It is a whole new way of providing unprecedented capability without sacrificing sound quality. The ES-8 combines far-reaching flexibility with total freedom of expression. All this, in one cool device. Not just another utility tool, the ES-8 kicks down the door to unlimited possibilities in the universe of musical expression. From this day on, the use of stomp boxes will never be the same. Using BOSS’ advanced technology the ES-8 is designed for spontaneity on the stage. So, go ahead. Jump out of the box. Take the plunge into a whole new world of musical expression. Celebrate the birth of the cool at BOSS with the hot new ES-8 Effects Switching System. It’s a total game changer that will take you to places no musician has ever gone before. Comes in original Box, Manual, and UK Powersupply. Bought at Andertons UK. Price incl. shipping EU.
  8. Limited Blue Edition!! Named after the NASA rocket that launched the Gemini manned space missions, the Titan II has arrived to blast your tone into the stratosphere! The Titan II Fuzz Machine is a unique discrete circuit using silicon transistors. Despite only having three control parameters, the Titan II packs a wide array of distinct tones within its cast aluminum shell. At full bore, you will get splatty, nasty fuzz tones; but the wide range Gain control also delivers great low gain tones that start to crossover into overdrive territory. In between these extremes, there exists fuzzy distortion tones as well. To introduce even more tonal variety, the Titan II cleans up nicely with the volume on your instrument, adding additional levels of fuzz textures and expression. The Tone control offers a complex tonal shift, which really allows the Titan II to cover an incredible range of fuzz tone and texture. The Titan II sounds awesome with standard, bass and baritone guitars, as well as most things you plug into it. The Titan II is completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon to the highest degree of quality possible. These are truly artisan-crafted tone devices, sparing no detail within or without. The Titan II utilizes true-bypass switching via the heaviest duty mechanical footswitch available, while your tone is transferred via quality open-frame Switchcraft jacks. Open one up and you’ll see an unparalleled display of craftsmanship; with immaculate hand-soldered PCB, detailed military-spec wiring, and custom Spaceman heavy-duty battery connector. On top of its cast aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and vintage dim-able indicator light. This pedal is truly built to last a lifetime. Comes with original box. Price includes P&P EU .
  9. Selling my beloved Marleaux Consat Custom 5. Bought it 2014 new, gigged a lot with it. So it's well played in. Comes with original Marleaux gigbag and fresh Strings. The Low B is incredible, an fits the other string in terms of sound and attack well. Plays like a four String. Special on this bass, is the incredible Binding with Mother of Pearl Dots. It has a few marks, tried to catch it on camera.Specs:Body: Dibetou, Satin White finishNeck: Maple, with Ebony FingerboardElectronics: Delano DBC S4, with Marleaux BC 3-Band Preamp The Bass is located in Graz/Austria. Shipping is included.
  10. still waiting for a new lover..
  11. new pictures added, to get the full beauty of this instrument.
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