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  1. If it wasn't for coming to the top of the King of Tone waiting list after 3 years I'd probably be inclined to keep it 😅. I'm not much of a bass player anymore but having this around certainly makes me want to pick up and play more often!
  2. I'm sure everyone knows all about these little amps, this one is made in the UK opposed to China if that makes a difference to anyone! I just had it serviced with a new set of preamp valves and I'll throw in a lovely high quality speaker cable with the sale. I'm located in Northern Ireland but I'm happy to ship at cost (I'm thinking it'll be around £50 but we can get a firm price if you're interested!) On to the pictures:
  3. As above, I've had to move up to a JR after my brief foray into a smaller set up, whoops! Looking for £40 PPG shipped to your door. Perfect condition, has 2 holes drilled for a Cioks DC5 PSU and velcro applied. Picture to follow this evening.
  4. I've managed to accumulate 2 of these that aren't being used so I may as well try to get rid of them! Looking for £30 PPG inc shipping each. Pictures to follow this evening.
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  6. Like new condition - 2 small holes drilled in the bottom where a Cioks DC5 was fitted but you can't see with velcro attached. Comes with softcase and strap. Postage available at cost. £40
  7. Bump - Boss volume and MXR Comp are on hold. The rest are still available : Pedaltrain Metro 20 - £40 Coiks Big John - £80 TU3 - £40 RV5 - £70 ONO
  8. DC5 and lava cables sold pending payment! I'll now happily sell the Metro 20 by itself for £40!
  9. I'm making the final jump over to a total acoustic set up and this stuff is going to fund the last few bits and pieces. All this gear is in mint condition and most of it isn't even that old! (GAS is a terrible thing but we all know that and all secretly love it!) [b]Coiks Big John £80[/b] 6 outputs 1000ma Has a courtesy AC mains outlet so you can run the heaviest stuff off it without affecting the ma draw Comes with the box and all the cables (literally everything you'd ever need!) [attachment=199290:Photo 24-08-2015 17 40 46.jpg] [b]Pedaltrain Metro 20 £40[/b] The PSU is sold now so the board by itself is now up for grabs! The board is the updated PT Mini which is now an inch or two taller - pretty much the perfect size in my opinion. Comes with a softcase [b]MXR Bass Compressor £120[/b] Everyone around here knows what this is and what it can do. Mint condition in the box. [attachment=199289:Photo 24-08-2015 17 38 56.jpg] [b]Boss TU3 £40[/b] As the saying goes, does exactly what it says on the tin. Mint condition in the box [attachment=199286:Photo 24-08-2015 17 37 33.jpg] [b]Boss FV30H Volume Pedal £60[/b] Also mint condition the box. Perfect size to fit on the Metro sized pedaltrains. Nice sweep and very sturdy all metal case. [attachment=199288:Photo 24-08-2015 17 38 05.jpg] [b]Boss RV5 £70[/b] Lovely reverb pedal, mint condition in the box. [attachment=199287:Photo 24-08-2015 17 37 46.jpg] I can ship no problem for actual shipping costs. Should be about a fiver for the pedals and slightly more for the PSU and board. Payment by Paypal fee free (or split fees if you insist) or Bank transfer.
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