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  1. I have some of that stuff. I forget what I bought it for, but it does have specialist uses. As you might have noticed in the prior pictures, I do have a few helicopters - model ones mind you. I think I bought it for a bicycle to stop some rubbing through somewhere or something. Or could have been something totally different. I think I'm going to invent something for this job though. It'll be a small translucent gel cap, about 5 mm thick, and contoury
  2. It was the pint cans! Followed by a few Duvels. I've got to give it up!
  3. Holy crap. It just happened. I've just poured my fourth San Miguel. Decided I'd try some pop/rock bass. Picked up the new-ish £1000 Ibanez off the stand, and smacked it right up into the ceiling. I am so glad I put that chunk of foam on there. No damage. The foam refuses to stick properly, but it's just made me very happy indeed.
  4. Once I have recovered from the cost of 'smart heating controls' and all the bloody zigbee TRVs and repeaters, I'll buy another amp
  5. How bizarre that I would be searching for this just now and come across this!
  6. I suppose I really ought to plug some headphones into the amp and see how it sounds through those.
  7. Yours and mine are both 'designed for guitar and bass'. Yours is just more watts. They both have the same speaker too, and the same cabinet I think (spec sheet says 'Acoustically ported semi-closed back')
  8. I just plugged in again to do some playing along to Bob Marley. It sounds like it has some obscure fault that fades after a while. I've made another recording. I was going to show the difference when switching to the Trace Elliot 'amp' near the end, but didn't bother because by the end of the recording, it seemed to have stopped doing the buzzing. It's like something has warmed up and stops sounding so crap. It's not just the bottom B. Have a listen: https://internetsomething.com/vypyr/vypyr2-bass-again.wav
  9. Ooh yeah maybe. some interesting things coming up there. Thanks
  10. haha. it's just when I take it off my shoulder - to put it back down. I forget that the ceiling is there. Had some very close encounters already.
  11. I suppose.. yeah I could put actual big thick socks over the whole headstock, but I was thinking about an elegant and permanent solution Imagine shrink-wrap just over the end, but thick, clear, and silicone-jelly like.
  12. We've moved into a house with really low ceilings. Especially my play room. I got a new bass very recently - an SR1305-TSF. I usually practice sat down, but on the couple of occasions when I've tried playing standing up, well apart from the strap ends making annoying squeaking sounds, the other problem is the low ceilings. When I come to put the bass back down, I have been very close to scraping the headstock against the ceiling, and this is a knobbly ceiling too! Has anybody come up with some kind of headstock-sock, a.k.a a headsock? I have put some foam on at the moment but it's not stuck too well. I think some sort of thick clear stretchy silicone would be good. Something that puts a 2mm thick cover just over the end, but stretches over and sits tight enough that it moulds to the shape of the headstock - the bit above the tuners only, of course.
  13. It's just occurred to me (been practicing with the amp again) that some of the rattle and buzz could be coming from my desk area and all the crap I have on here, computers, boxes, paper, etc. Girlfriend just said the window in the room below was rattling, so perhaps I don't need a new amp after all just yet. I am only practicing at home. I was looking at some of the full range powered PA things at around £250 to use with my Zoom b1-on, but I might just leave it for now. I am being quizzed over what I would like as a Christmas present though and it would have put an end to that.
  14. Thanks Paul & John. Yes it does have a big hole in the back I didn't realise bass cabs were usually closed, but I know now! Any recommendations for an affordable, maybe not too large, combo / active PA speaker that could maybe also be useful with synth/keys/b3-clone in future? and cope well with a low B on the bass ? This Peavey has a 12" speaker BTW.. a lot of the active stuff I've just glanced at seems to have smaller woofers than that.. if it matters.
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