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  1. Doug Wimbish signature, custom order so only one of its kind. I had a DW sig about ten years ago and stupidly traded it in, big regrets... Good to be back in the saddle



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  2. 1 minute ago, Deedee said:

    Gorgeous, although I suspect it’s earlier than an ‘86. I thought the R series finished in ‘83 / early 84?

    That's interesting, thanks I think it was sold to me as an '86 (not that it matters) - will do some digging

  3. Hondo Deluxe Series 830

    Aria RSB Deluxe II

    Charvel 575 Deluxe

    Ibanez SR800 Fretless

    Jaydee Mark King

    Washburn Status - Still Have

    Warwick Corvette Rockbass 5 String

    Fender MIM Jazz

    Ibanez SR505

    Ibanez DWB3 Doug Wimbish Signature

    Spector Legend Custom 5 String

    Fender US Precision

    Musicman Stingray 4H - Still Have

    Spector Doug Wimbish Signature

    Fender US Jazz Deluxe

    Musicman Bongo 4HH - Still Have

    Fodera LG

    Dingwall ABZ

    Dingwall Combustion 5 String

    Squier Affinity PJ - Still Have

    Ibanez MC924 Musician - Still Have

    Aria R80 - Still Have

    Warwick Thumb Fretless - Still Have

    Mayones Jabba - Still Have

    Squier CV 60s Jazz - Still Have







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  4. On 09/10/2020 at 17:58, Bassassin said:

    If you're lucky you might find an Aria Pro SB-R80/SB Elite II/SB-ELT for £500. All essentially the same bass with very minor differences:



    This - A luthier quality bass with astounding tonal range (for a passive) and so so so playable. Mine is the smoothest bass I have ever played. Even if it's £600 sell the wife and make it yours.

    Also if you can get anywhere near an Ibanez Musician you will have an alembic quality bass that never ever disappoints

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  5. On 27/08/2020 at 10:30, fretmeister said:

    It's still a faff.

    IIRC it's power supply only. So that's the pedal, power supply, couple of patch cables.

    One of the reasons I'm doing the list is because I volunteer at a music trust and when (if) we get back to it then I have to move rooms every 40 minutes. So I have to break it all down and set it up again. Every 40 minutes.


    I have a new cab on wheels and a head stock tuner. If I can get an amp with compression in it then there's only a power cable and guitar cable to worry about. The head can stay on the cab while I wheel it about.

    It's all about speed of moving rooms.

    Try a Volto, no plugged power supply needed, fits  underneath pedaltrains

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