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  1. Mouradian CS-74

  2. Mouradian CS-74

  3. Mouradian CS-74

  4. Mouradian CS-74

  5. Mouradian CS-74

    About a year ago, but I'll send new ones if you so wish. Tony
  6. Mouradian CS-74

  7. Mouradian CS-74

  8. Mouradian CS-74

  9. Mouradian CS-74

  10. Mouradian CS-74

  11. Avoiding Rip Offs

    LOL... I had to look up JANI/II/III. I see now....I own a Warwick Streamer Stage II that I bought in 1989. It has the adjustable brass nut of course, but it wasn't called that back then. Glad I know now...just in case I ever want to sell it!!
  12. Mouradian CS-74

    Hi there, I have a Mouradian CS-74 for sale. I purchased it from a private vendor in Boston, USA back in 2008. I have never gigged it, so it has been purely ornamental for the last 7 years. The bass is burgundy; passive; has schaller pickups - bridge and neck; volume control; pickup selector (bridge/neck/or both); tone control (does not work so it need some wiring work). It's of neck through construction and comes with a hardshell case. I live in the Croydon area. [attachment=190166:Mouradian CS-74 016.jpg] [attachment=190168:Mouradian CS-74 010.jpg [attachment=190169:Mouradian CS-74 015.jpg] [attachment=190167:Mouradian CS-74 008.jpg] Cheers, Tony
  13. Mouradian CS-74

    [quote name='doctor_of_the_bass' post='989410' date='Oct 15 2010, 04:36 PM']the guy in the London area with the raspberry red one! Are you on here, if so I must meet up with you and play your bass as I want one!!! If anyone else owns one, I would be very interested in meeting up to try yours! Muchos appreciated! Nicko xxx[/quote] Hi Nicko, Yeah I still have the red CS-74. Needs some work on the electrics. Some earthing problem as the treble/bass pot has been disconnected and it buzzes a bit even at moderate volume. I just need to get round to sorting it out. Never played it klive as a result...still using my warwick streamer stage II (made for me in 1989) for everything. i will be getting Martin up at the bass gallery in Camden to sort it out...he says its an easy problem to fix. I went into a bass guitar shop on Denmark Street two years ago and nearly fainted as Chris Squire was in there with his wife. I told him I had just got a CS 74 from America and he was chuffed to bits...said he had two. I thought: 'yep, I know'. He was very shy actually (or maybe just itching to get away!). I think we are probably the only two pepole in the UK with CS 74's. The headstock does not sweep back at an acute enough angle so the strings keep popping out of the nut (just one of many design faults to be honest...it's a great piece of history to have though and I love it). I think Chris's bass must have had the same build fault as I notice he's had a 'thingy' attached to his headstock to stop his strings doing the same thing!! Take care, Tony PS: Not for sale but good luck in finding one. I still have the bass player mag from 1986 (Geddy Lee on the front with his black Wal), which had the original Mouradian ad in the new gear section. I drooled over it back then and it's taken over 20 years to get one. Rumours still abound that Jima nd his son are going to build them again. I would call them direct and just ask them. The ballpark figure I read for them - $3500