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  1. Hi All,

    Need some advice really, i can set up a fretted bass reasonably well, however in a trade i have just completed i picked up a vintage icon V74 and the notes are choking out only on the G string from the 12th fret upwards.

    Any ideas on what i need to do to cure this? 

    I raised the bridge height on the saddle but that does not seems to be working.

    Kind regards



  2. Here is my lovely Nightingale bass the pre runner to the GB rumour bass and as you can see there is plentry of DNA present.

    Was totally refinished by the previous owner and Bernie Goodfellow worked on the bass also fitting an agular obp3 pre amp.

    Also has side luminlay position markers that can be charged with blue light https://luminlay.com/featuresen.html

    The action is low the paint job is perfect and the board and fret are as now, beautiful snake wood board too. 

    Also very light.

    Only moving on as too many basses in the collection at the moment. 







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