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  1. aa good question! i may not be able to give you a great answer, but i will try From what i have experienced it produces a lovely rich punchy tone, however i have not played with it enough to enjoy its full range of tone. In comparison to my warwick streamer, it blows it out of the water, from gigging experience it really cuts through well and retains that great tone, i may have failed to mention it has an active preamp. My apologies for my poor attempt at describing the sound, but hope this helps Anyone is welcome to come and give it a try!
  2. I really don't want to resort to "evilbay" but i need the sale as i hope to fund a business venture. I really want it to go to one of you guys as i know it will be fully appreciated and looked after.
  3. Bumppp I am possibly contemplating ebay for this very soon, anyone interested? really want it to go to a good home. Please mail me if you would like to view the bass is currently located in Chester. Thanks everyone
  4. Hello flateric Good questions. To answer them, i loved the bass when i had it made, and still do very much. But due to a change of circumstances and interests i gave bass up to follow my interests and study sports science at university, thus taking myself away from music altogether. During my time at university i kept the bass in great condition in the hope that one day i would pick it up again and give it the attention it deserves. However i feel this day will not come, and i want someone to give it use and attention it deserves. I hope this answers your questions. Many thanks Lewis
  5. Hello everyone This bass is now available again! I will reply to all pm's as soon as i can as i have limited access to the internet at the moment. Many thanks Lewis C
  6. Hello everyone Just a quick update, i have finally got some pictures of the hard case that will be included in the sale. Many thanks Lewis C
  7. Hello To answer Tom1946 question there is no marks by the nut, i can see on the picture that it does appear to but i think may have just been a bit of dust and fabric, as i was in the process of dusting it due it collecting a lot of dust while it was at Doug's workshop. I am currently located by Shrewsbury, but am moving to Chester very soon. Thank you for your questions Lewis C
  8. I forgot to mention that this bass will come with a Stagg hard case, which is slightly worn and does bare a few dents but still does a great job. No pics as of yet but will be adding some shortly. Thanks Lewis
  9. Hello everyone Im pretty new to these forums, its really nice to see some other Wilkes basses, as previously discussed not many people have heard of him or of his work, which is a shame. I stumbled across Doug about 6 years ago through a recommendation from a friend who previously had Doug build him a 4 string fretted bass. When i saw and had a play on friends new bass i just had to have one made. Doug was great, very helpful and had plenty of ideas. I will post a few pics of my bass bellow. Unfortunately this is for sale as i just don't play it enough anymore and deserves a good home with someone that will play her.
  10. Hello everyone Here i have for sale my Doug Wilkes custom 4 string fretted bass guitar. Unfortunately i have this bass for sale as it is not getting the use and love it deserves. Doug himself made this bass from his home workshop approximately 6 years ago back in the summer of 2004. Since i received the guitar it has undergone at the most 3 gigs and very little practice time, thus meaning that this guitar is in exactly the same condition as the day i picked it up of Doug. The guitar has just undergone a full service by Doug himself, and is in excellent condition. This bass plays beautifully, the kent armstrong pickups offer great tone and versatility and the overall build quality is outstanding and must been seen to be fully appreciated. I can appreciate that Doug Wilkes maybe unknown to a lot of people, in response I have attached a link to Doug's website so you can view and appreciate the quality in which he produces [url="http://www.wilkesguitars.co.uk/"]Doug Wilkes Guitars Website[/url] Bass Guitar Spec: Mahogany Body Quilted maple top 7 piece through neck Custom veneered headstock featuring Doug Wilkes decal Active electronics Kent armstrong pick-ups Individual pick-up volume control knobs Bass and treble control knobs Strap locks Jack input locking system I will unfortunately limit the sale to the UK due to courier & shipping costs. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to pm me, i can supply more pictures if needed. I am based in the midlands (Shropshire/Cheshire). SOLD!!! Thank you for looking. Lewis C
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