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  1. no lack of interest in this olympic beauty, but still available
  2. Overall praise appreciated and completely deserved, this really is an uncommon goodness embodied. Serious interest present, apparently these don't come by that often...
  3. Selling my 2014 PJ Lakland, currently not interested in trades, thanks alder, rosewood absolutely dreamy comfy quartersawn 38mm jazz neck Lindy Fralin pickup in the neck position, Lakland/Hanson bridge position (original Lakland neck pickup included) 3,9kg / 8,6lbs original Lakland hardcase and neck pickup chrome cover included The lightweight, jazz neck and super low action (if needed) make this THE smoothest, easy to play and versatile bass I've owned. Effect maximized when strung with flatwounds or nylon tapewounds. Altogether It had been my No.1 choice for the long, back breaking gigs. Located in Liberec, Czech republic, shipping included.
  4. and sealed, heading to the UK...
  5. very right, forgot to mention, thanks very pleasant jazz neck, not thin either
  6. Eventually decided to part with my 2014 Sadowsky PJ. I've found myself to be more of a passive-bass-guy and she is simply not getting the attention deserved alder, maple, pau ferro fretboard Sadowsky preamp -treble, bass, VTC included one small scratch on the head and a ding near jack input original Sadowsky case included 4,2 kg (9,26 lbs) Overall versatile and balanced tone, with the P pickup and VTC (tone control) there really was no occasion I had troubles getting the sound just right. Bass located in Liberec, Czech republic, shipping included. Currently no trades preferred, but you might interest me perhaps, not looking for anything specific.
  7. Bought Sadowsky PJ from Tonci. Incredibly smooth and quick transaction. Tonci was really helpful and communicative, provided all the required info and more. Perfect packaging and quick shipping within EU countries... Thanks
  8. I got Takamine acoustic bass from Doug, he had no problem sending it outside UK, well packed, smooth communication, very helpful, overall pleasant deal !
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