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    Shockwave, plse check your PM.... Cheers Oliver
  2. Great topic! Appreciate! I am also into this new gorgeous bass. And yes, price tag is around 30k. It will be limited to 5 pieces per year and Tom plans to build 20 in total. Cheers Oliver
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. What shall I say? Col is the best..... We did a great deal, two basses towards cash and a watch! Everything top notch, real good communication, very good and solid packaging! I only can recommend doing business with Col.... Col, when we do the next? Cheers Oliver
  5. Enzo, yes you are absolutely right. It is indeed 19mms. Sorry for that! You have a better mind than me. Cheers Oliver
  6. Postage should be around 25 pounds. I am located close to the dutch-belgian-german border. And yes, it has the narrow spacing
  7. Still avail. Price reduced to GBP 1200,00 plus shipping....
  8. And also this: sold to the mighty COL! :-)
  9. Preferably Cash, but depends in what you got for trade.
  10. Yeah, the bass is absolutely universal. And this is one of the rare first ones with the full Buzzard 2 script on the headstock
  11. ... preferably Cash, but depends on what you got. Also interested in guitars, watches, high end pens and IPhone 5s. :-)
  12. T-Bird Copy, Japan, set neck, like Greco, with original Gibson T-Bird case, used, nick at top edge on front, see picture, great sounding Bass is located in Germany. Asking GBP 500,00 plus shipping. Many thanks for looking Oliver [url="http://s29.photobucket.com/user/senmen/media/07_Thunderbird_zpsae9f5ae3.jpg.html"][/url]
  13. Warwick JE Buzzard Limited 2003, Prototype, serial 2003-00-03, black, with gig bag, used. Great condition Bass is located in Germany. Asking GBP 1850,00 plus shipping. Actual new list is GBP 6300,00 !!!! Many thanks for looking. Oliver [url="http://s29.photobucket.com/user/senmen/media/01_Buzzard-Ltd_zpsf158e087.jpg.html"][/url]
  14. Status-Graphite Streamline Custom, new version, red tint, 4 string, 32" with Bendwell, with red side LED's and custom Buzzard JE roman numeral fingerboard inlays, with gig bag, used, but in great condition Bass is located in Germany. Asking GBP 1400,00 plus shipping. (Current list price for a similar model is GBP 2235,oo) Many thanks for looking Oliver [url="http://s29.photobucket.com/user/senmen/media/05_Streamline_zpscb6643ba.jpg.html"][/url]
  15. Status-Graphite Buzzard 2, used, black sunburst, the one that is shown in the Status reference section, used, great condition, with red side LED's and original full flight case. Asking GBP 1850,00 plus shipping. Bass is located in Germany. (Current list price in this configuration GBP 2865,oo) Many thanks for looking Oliver [url="http://s29.photobucket.com/user/senmen/media/04_Buzzard-2_zps90933c15.jpg.html"][/url]
  16. senmen


    All I can say: Awesome! The sound is fantastic!! Cheers Oliver
  17. Reduced to EUR 2350,00 plus shipping. I am also interested in trading in an Alembic....
  18. Guys, I am getting tired of this bass. It is like new, plays and sounds really great, but I need something new... So therefore I will let this one go for an absolute ridiculous price of EUR 999,00. Take in mind, this is the Custom Shop version !!!! Grab it!!!
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