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  1. Yes, I still have it. Now that I've got used to using it I absolutely love it! The only down side is that it has lots of effects that are pointless and would never be used but I have ordered my patches on it so all the good effects are next to each other.
  2. Last reduction to £1000 before Ebay tomorrow night.
  3. Bump. Might consider evil bay soon.
  4. This is my beautiful Alembic Epic five string bass guitar with flame walnut top and matching headstock. The bass has an ebony fret board and is in great condition apart from a few dings here and there that I've tried to show in the pictures. The bass both plays and sounds fantastic and comes with a Hiscox case. The link here [url="http://www.alembic.com/prod/prices.html"]http://www.alembic.com/prod/prices.html[/url] shows the current retail price of this bass with the flame walnut top to be $7100. [size=4][b]Last reduction to £1000 before ebay tomorrow night[/b][/size]. Viewing welcome. Cash if collecting. Thanks [attachment=69475:_B77fIJw...RMw___12.JPG] [attachment=69481:_B77fYZg...8vQ___12.JPG] [attachment=69482:_B77fsD_...tDw___12.JPG] [attachment=69483:_B77f_Mg...70Q___12.JPG] [attachment=69484:_B77gRig...EFg___12.JPG] [attachment=69485:_B77pUzw...pjQ___12.JPG]
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    [quote name='lettsguitars' post='1046013' date='Dec 3 2010, 09:24 AM']i'd be happy to build you a 5 string for the amp + £150 or so, depending on what specs you're looking for.[/quote] Thanks for the offer but the combo is now sold pending payment.
  6. TDL


    Yes, this does come with the clip on front cover and the power amp section is SS, my mistake. Thanks
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    [quote name='BassBod' post='1015366' date='Nov 7 2010, 03:50 PM']Are the speakers original?[/quote] No, they are not the originals.
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    This is a Pre Fender All Valve preamp SWR Redhead. It sounds great and is in good condition. It is also capable of running in 2 ohms with an extension cabinet. £375 or PX for a 5 string bass. Thanks [attachment=63266:Picture_012.jpg] [attachment=63267:Picture_013.jpg]
  9. Hi. The chorus, reverb, and delay are all as good as any single pedal in this unit. Thanks
  10. Yes, it's something like that. The pedal can't really be used as a loop pedal. Hope that helps.
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