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    Hello. I'm illy (or Ilana). I live in Oxford currently but I'm moving to Brighton shortly. I have two kids, 9 years and 4 years. Been playing since 1991... I'm old... I own two J basses and 2 Spector basses, all 5 string. I started playing 5 string 1992, first 5 string was a Charvel Fusion V. It's all I could afford at the time. I do being mum and music. Equally divided.......(I wish....) I use an EBS preamp into power amp and into two Markbass Traveller cabs. I also have an (Eminence loaded) custom 2x10/HF "Unicorn" cab. A Traynor SB500H for light, easy-handling if I do gigs and a TC Electronic BC208 and Traynor SB200H next to my bed, bedroom practice, of course. That's it.
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    First release from my new band The Chokeholds https://thechokeholds.com/soundcloud
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    My Trans-themed MJT-aged Bass arrived. Assembly begins: Allparts neck’s bolted on w/threaded inserts, Seymour Duncan pups are my go-to for most builds. If all goes well I’ll be playing it for the 1st time on the 12th @diyspace4london,
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    Second release from The Chokeholds, our take on Brendan Behan's Auld Triangle
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    Swindon folk! CCRR (a few mates & I playing Creedence songs) hit The Castle in Old Town THIS Saturday. Come down if you're at a loose end.

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