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///TRADED///Stingray 5 FT/FS

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Here is my Stingray 5. In beautiful condition (only one v.minor mark on it, shown in last pic)

Colour: Pacific Blue burst with white pearloid scratchplate.
Serial No: E49486

I got this 6 months ago after buying a cheap 5 string and quite enjoying it. Sadly haven't ever properly got to grips with it and just end up using it as a back up for my 4 string Ray.

Would prefer to trade it, but will sell for £900ish?

Trades i could be interested in are (4 stringers only, obviously!): Sandberg California J, Stingray, Sterling, Active Fender Jazz. Or maybe another nice active 4 stringer (not keen on warwicks)

Hit me with any suggestions you have?


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