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Stagg EUB with £300 fingerboard shooting, stand and pedal - *SOLD*

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Right, so I really wanted to give an honest attempt to play upright but it did not work out. I have decided I do not want to work that hard.

Still, I wanted to make sure I had an EUB with a great fingerboard. Why? Because I wanted to make sure that if I failed, the problem was me and not the instrument. If I hear the string buzzing when I play, is it me lacking the strenght and technique, or is it the EUB having a lumpy fingerboard, as it is usually the case with a cheap EUB? Should I try to press harder, or am I wasting time and I'll just injure myself because the EUB is to blame?

This is why I bought an old Stagg EUB on eBay, and then I spent £300 in a professional fingerbord dressing at London luthier Bridgewood & Neitzert. They have removed that odd resin that Stagg puts on their EUBs, gone back to the wood and then stained. You can see a photo of the wood underneath -  sent me by the luthier - below. Their work also included reshaping bridge and nut. I can provide proof that they  did the work.

If you buy a Stagg new, you are very very unlikely to get a fingerboard as good as this (I have tried two, they certainly were not great).

With the Stagg I give you the stand, the gigbag (not in amazing conditions), and a Behringer Acoustic ADI pedal that helps a lot in getting a bit closer to an acoustic bass sound (no power supply though).

Even with the fingerhoard shooting, this is still a Stagg, so you'll have to contend with some endpin rattle. If you play around with it you'll find an angle that keeps it quiet though.

Pickup only from Bromley

See post below for photos



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