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New Bridge for MTD CRB


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Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a bridge (poss hi mass) to fit my MTD CRB ideally without drilling more holes. I've looked at all the obvious suspects Hipshot Babicz Gotoh etc and can't see anything that would easily retrofit so any suggestions would be welcome. Few photos and a rough diagram attached.


Essentially I've had this bass for a number of years after getting it as a trade, always liked the feel and the neck but there was always something lacking in the tone. As it had already had hipshot ultralight tuners and tonestyler tone circuit fitted  when I got it I thought I make a few more tweaks. Ive replaced the tonestyler with a kiogon loom and the pickup for a dimarzio model p and am much happier with the sound. Id also like to replace the bridge as the screws on the saddles are scratchy and stick our too much with a low action which annoys me. Any thoughts on what could be an easy replacement? 


Thanks in advance for the help.20210924_130916.thumb.jpg.2a78f5e788dcf88e229155adc51d79b1.jpg



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