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Bass played needed Cambridgshire(ish) for established band

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Hello Bassists of the World,

We're an original band of (nearly) two years now and are looking for a new bass player. We play a sort of indie-rock sound - some bit heavier some bit more catchy indie tunes. We can send links to our Spotify so you can check it out. We're normally a 5-piece: a lead singer/guitar, lead guitarist, drummer, keys/vox and need a bass player to replace our old one (lovely guy but has had to drop due to other life commitments sadly).

We are looking for someone who has their own transport, rig and is committed to rehearsing once a week and gig regularly (not every weekend but also not once every 3 months!). We're due to go back into the studio end of July to record our second EP so we're keen to get someone in asap as we have a long list of originals we play and gigs waiting. We also play some longer gigs where we mix in covers for a 90 minute set so being flexible on this would be ideal. Please get in touch if you're interested - we're a friendly bunch and happy to answer questions.

Thanks all 🙏


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      Bass player wanted for Hertfordshire based rock band, style is pop punk with a slight hard rock edge, current members late 20’s age. We play original songs but also love the odd cover! Feel free to get in touch.
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      Hi Folks, 
      Due to a recent house move, I've had to leave a really great band called Mercury Moon that I've been playing in for the last couple of years...
      The kind of music they play is listed in the header above but just to say over and above that, they're great people; very talented and into what they're doing, which is enjoying making music with a chilled out and friendly vibe. 
      Based in West Sussex, the band is very keen to find a new bass player for rehearsing, gigging and recording as soon as possible so I thought that there might be a few Basschatters on here who'd be interested in the opportunity, hence this post. 
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      Thanks for looking.. 😊
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      Just sharing my take on the basslines Tim Commerford put on this one. Probably not the most remembered part of his work (RATM tunes get way more covers done than the Audioslave era), but there are still a lot of fun songs to have a go from these 3 albums he made with this band.
      Leaving the tabs as well for those who are interested in checking out the notes played
      Greetings and thanks for watching/listening!
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