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Fender ’64 PARTS Jazz bass Natural
Kensington, London

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Hey guys

Up for sale is my parts 60s Jazz Bass, consisting of a USA Vintage 64 Reissue Jazz Neck (2014), and a Squier VM 70s (2014?) Body with Squier Electronics. I combined the two as I love the natural body with 60s neck, which isnt offered as a colour scheme by fender unless you strip a body of its paint or use 70s ash. I assembled this bass as my tribute to Sting's 62 Jazz Bass. I no longer need the bass as I have far too many in my arsenal.


The bass is in excellent condition never really left the house. Feel free to ask for any additional close up pics. 07765 225 797

£690 ONO. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.09.57.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.01.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.02.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.03.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.04 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.05 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-03 at 13.10.05.jpeg

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    • By gorandelac
      Hi all, I'm selling my Alembic MK Signature Deluxe with Coco Bolo top, so here is little about the bass.
      Bass has no scratch, no belt buckle scratch, it's almost as brand new, as you can see from pics.
      Scale: 34"
      Fingerboard: Ebony with abalone
      Top: coco Bolo
      Back: Coco Bolo
      Body: Mahogany with maple and purplehearth as accent woods
      Neck: Maple with Purple Hearth stringers
      Finish: clean gloss with satin finish on the neck
      weight: 5.7 kg (with 5 9v batteries that goes into the bass, 4x for LED)
      Electronics: volume, pan, 2x filters, 2x q switches, 1x LED on/off, 1/4" mono output.
      LEDs are amber and red (check pictures)
      Bass was done in 2015, so it has 2+3 machine heads.
      Bass has original case, papers, everything. New one like this is 17.600 dollars, you can check here on Alembic site my bass is Sig Dlx Coco Bolo.
      This is I think only signature bass in EU that is available with this price. For any questions you can contact me. Here are some pic that justify the whole thing, other pics you can see on my dropbox:
      Price says 6000 pounds but it's actually 6500 euros, just conversion is different every day.
      Also check my feedback page:

    • By CalDeep
      Up is my green label boss bass chorus, the classic! Full of mojo and a great sound, and is sadly just not getting used. 

      Price includes UK postage. 

      Any questions let me know! 

      Ideally looking for a sale, but try me with trades and part ex

    • By cascanicoff
      I recently aquired a bass through a trade. It is a very lovely bass, but regretably it has to go, I still have too many of them. So here you are: JCR Jazzbass 5, 24 frets, all at your disposal.
      JCR (Jaume Catalá Redondo) is a Spanish luthier that is beginning to get his well deserved recognition among the best in the continent. You have already seen in Basschat a number of his gorgeous products, and they are very fantastic. Many of his basses have an obvious source of inspiration in Fodera, but this bass is diferent. We are talking of a jazzbass design with 24 frets. It reminds me a lot of such models as the Mayones Hadrien Feraud bass. I hope the colleague Mustafunk does not mind if I take his previous ad for this very bass, so that you can find all the details and some soundclips/videos (definitely much better than anything I could record myself 😔).
      The price of this bass is 1400 euro. In that sense, the 1300 pound tag established in the ad is a maximum in case the pound rate goes down, but right now 1255 pounds will do the deal. The bass is in Bilbao - Spain, in very good condition except for some mini-scratches on the horns that barely appear in the pics. I would ship it in a hardcase, also in excellent condition.
      And talking about pics, here they go:

      More pics in this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZfScK2z69usT4t6j6
      Specs are as follows:
      TOP: Maple Flamed
      BODY: American Alder
      NECK: Hard Maple
      Tension rod double action
      PREAM: Preamp Glockenklang 3 b (active pasive tone)
      PICKUPS: Delano MC 5 FE 1700 EB (quad coil) serie - single - paralell swich neck JMVC 5 FE
      TUNERS: Hipshot
      BRIDGE: ETS 18 space strings
      Weight : 3.9kg
      Scale 34
      24 steel frets
      Best, Gorka
    • By Basscabman
      Next on the Covid hit list Is my white Crafted In China Squier classic Vibe 60's jazz. 
      We ALL know how great these early crafted In China basses are so I won't blurt on about that.
      I have two of these, the other one is a rare  Crafted In China black one which I'm keeping (hopefully)
      Built In 2008 and not a mark on It anywhere.
      Only thing I can say is the chrome control plate has a few faded blemishes on It but that has happened to everyone of these i've owned. (It's the same on my Black one)
      Truss rod and electrics all work perfectly.
      Nice low action.
      Plays and sounds fantastic.
      Could do with a new set of strings.
      Collection from South East London or will courier at buyers cost.
      Comes with a gig bag and I'll even throw In a spare scratchplate. Vintage cream, Black or white. You choose.

    • By elliott_Þórunn
      Fender Mustang Bass MIJ reissue In excellent condition, comes with a Fender gig bag.
      I've recently noticed the tone pot is a little looser than the volume pot but neither affect the overall sound and neither pot is noisy. 
      Bass was set up at McIntyre Guitars in Edinburgh last year.
      Currently strung with D'Addario Chrome Flats.
      Collection is preferred but I can potentially meet somewhere if need be, or buyer can organise courier (as I do have a box that will work).
      Buyer is responsible for any Paypal fees.

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