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Studio clearout! All prices include UK shipping.

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Squier VM Precision V neck in VGC with stock tuners, extra holes from previous different tuners drilled and filled  £110 

Squier VM Precision V bridge £20
Fender High Mass bridge from FSR Precision £40
Unbranded high mass quick release bass bridge £15

4x Wilkinson gold bass tuners + bushells + washers + screws £35

Squier VM Jazz bass pickup set £30 
Squier VM Jazz control plate VVT £20
Unbranded Jazz control plate VVT £15

Everything else in pics GONE


Control plates pickups.jpg



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    • By GuyB
      I am trying to find the best Inexpensive Machine Heads/Tuners for a 10 string project, 5 left side, 5 right side.
      Any ideas, as I'm not a bass player.
    • By Marky Screen
      I've had these sitting around in my spares box for a while.
      Used one from a set to replace a hipshot detuner from a bass I got. Other 3 have just hung around. 
      Maybe useful to someone on here that wants a tuner upgrade and has a detuner peg already sorted.
      Comes with ferrules and screws too if you need.
      UK postage included.

    • By Marky Screen
      I'm returning my Mex Jazz to stock so moving this one.
      pretty much the daddy of after market bridges.
      Great condition.
      Standard Fender 5 hole fit.
      Screws included

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So as I wrote in another post last night I fell in love with my first bass ever and old main an Aria Pro II Laser Electric Classic last night.
      But while the neck/midle position pickup which is an about big soapbar size humbucker, I assume split coil reverse P like pickup judging from the pole pieces, has a quite high output, a nice fairly aggressive character and sounds amazing the bridge J type pickup sounds really weak, thin and anemic, so I am pondering on replacing it.
      However a regular J pickup won't fit into the cavity as the screw holes on this is at the ends of the length of the pickup, missing room for the screw hole ears on the side, though, except for missing the side screw hole ears, the cavity is slightly wider and longer than a regular J pickup cavity.
      To be exact the bridge pickup cavity is about 26.5mm (1.043") wide , 119mm (4.685") long, and the string spacing at the bridge pickup placement is about 16.5mm (0.65").
      This as far as I have been able to conclude makes room for either a Tele bass type pickup, though the pole spacing of those will be way too close together for the actual string spacing of my bass at the bridge pickup cavity, or a Strat guitar pickup, which, to make sure it covers the strings, would have to be a blade style one, I have checked and the blade would typically be just about 60mm long, while the overall string span at the bridge pickup on my bass is just about 50mm (I don't actually care about some of the cavity being left not filled out by the pickup at all).
      So far having looked through Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio's offerings for blade Strat pickups, particularly judging from the DC Resistance/Output and tone profile information on the home pages, the DiMarzio DP182 Fast Track 2 blade humbucker Strat guitar pickup seems to be closest to the the kind of pickup I would be looking for, which is high output, pronounced mids and not too pronounced highs, but I am definitely open to other suggestions that'll fit those criteria and will fit the pickup cavity.
      So anyone got any suggestions to alternatives I should look into for this?
      Here's a pickture of the pickups in my Aria Pro II Laser Electric to give you a better idea :

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