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Szegedi Hangszergyar 1965 Double Bass for Sale
Hornchurch, East London/Essex

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Hi, I've decided to sell my lovely double bass to make room for more equipment. I'm sure many of you will know more about these basses than me. I understand them to be a solid top with plywood back. The sound is warm and plays evenly throughout the range. It was originally set up/overhauled for me by bass repairer, Harvey Weston.






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im Near East London today and would be interested in looking at your double bass. Would you be available in a couple of hours?


many thanks, 



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    • By Rabbie
      This bass was made in England by Ken Miller in 2006 and I have owned it for 3 years, in which it has accompanied me on many gigs and recordings. At the end of last year I invested in a a new carved instrument, which means that I no longer need this one.
      still, this is a carved bass made in England, hence and investment that will go up in value, despite the chips and scars of a life on stage.
      woods: old spruce top, maple sides, I think poplar back.
      It is not pristine! There are countless chips and scratches that only add to the unbelievable mojo. There are a few luthier-repairs done professionally by the maker himself, before it came to me. In the 3 years I have had it, it has been superbly stable. 
      The playability of this bass is incredible: it is what you could describe as “plays itself”, thanks to the wonderful setup work of Jerome Davies. 
      it sounds phenomenal: powerful, dark and moody, yet articulated perfectly well and it’s easy to play.
      This bass was used for jazz and folk music, I have no comment to make on bowing as I don’t even have a bow!
      The look of the bass is a little unusual thanks to the slightly “flattened” F holes, typical of Ken Miller basses. I believe this was Ken’s own gigging bass, which would explain the extra signs of heavy gigging.
      price-wise, the initial listing of £3,300 is, I believe what the street price of a bass like this should be. It is probably worth a bit more and will gain in value. However, these are tough times and I am willing to negotiate: message me. Please don’t offer part exchanges as I’m not looking for anything. I assure you it’s a great sounding and Wonderfully well setup bass, and if you, like me, can see past the imperfections as mojo, you won’t find better! 
      I am in Perth, Scotland. It’s a wonderful summer drive, and now it’s ok to do it, and I’m all organised for a proper socially distant trying of the instrument.

      I am now in a bit of a need to sell, so it’s a good time to make me an offer. Any question, do please ask!

    • By basseng
      Hi, After learning to play electric upright for 6 months I would like to try a double bass. I have posted in the wanted section for a second hand instrument, but wondered if anybody had any experience or recommendations  of the lower priced double basses offered by Thomann or similar?  Many thanks,  Dave
    • By Andrew F
      Stentor Student II double bass for sale in Bristol. 3/4 size. Soft case and bow included (or not, as required). Great for beginners and improvers. I bought it new some 10 years ago, and it has served me very well. Now selling to make space. I've seen new ones of these selling online for £1,700, so I thought I'd list it at £800, but feel free to make an offer. Some scuffs, as per the pictures.

    • By gregouille23
      I am considering parting ways with this stunning piece of art created by AC Guitars. I recently acquired it from @Bass Wielder (thanks again Michael!). I love everything about this bass: it looks and sounds amazing (those humbuckers... yummy), I had never played an instrument so resonant before, it just sings. So why consider selling it? Well I already have a fretless 4 and I realized that I would rather have a fretted 6er than a fretless 5. The fretless 4 is sufficient for my needs and I am quite interested in exploring the (hopefully) wonderful world of 6 string bass. This is why I would not only consider but possibly prefer a trade against a good 6er. I don't mind adding/receiving a small part in cash to compensate any difference in value between this gorgeous ACG and your lovely fretted 6 😉
      Ideally I would prefer 6er with narrower string spacing (< 19 mm, 17.5 or below being my preference) and a reasonable weight (4.5 kg/10 lbs or below).
      The ACG weighs about 4.5 kg according to my bathroom scale and comes in the Hiscox case you can see on the picture. The bass is in excellent state, no specific dings or scratches as far as I can see. I was built around 2014 if I remember correctly. Here are the specs straight from the ACG website ( http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0172-finn-r-type-fretless-5/ )
      Scale: 35'' Top and Back Wood: Flame Redwood Body Wood: Black Limba Accent Veneer: Black Body Finish: Satin Lacquer Neck Wood: 5 piece Mac Ebony/Ash/Wenge Fingerboard: Acrylic Impregnate Birdseye Maple, 26 fret partial fretlines Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer Pickups: 2 x ACG FB humbuckers Hardware details: Hipshot Type A bridge, Gotoh GB 350 Resolite tuners, Dunlop Straplocks, DR Sunbeam strings, Luminlay side dots Pre-amp: ACG DFM 5K/AP Below is also the original posting from @Bass Wielder
      I live in Belgium, near Antwerp.
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