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A Tale of Strings & Set Ups

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Hi gang,

Wonder if you can help me - bonus season here and I was considering getting a new bass (Dingwall!) for a new band we started to tune in D standard, whilst keeping my Sandberg Grand Dark 5 in B standard for my other neosoul project.

As life goes, HMRC has eaten the part I was expecting to allocate for a D-Roc or used Nolly sig (yey.....). That means I have to make do with the Sandberg for the time being for both projects, and hence I thought of downtuning it to A standard on a 50-135 set (currently B standard 45-130 set).

This is a 35" scale and the calculator tells me A standard would 'feel' as 45-130 B tuned on a 34".

My question is around tapered strings - should I go for them? I was planning on a 50-105 + 135 Daddario NYXL set but I can see they offer the 135/105/85 as tapered now - would this be worth it?

In my mind the claimed (not tried before) extra definition of a tapered string would help against tuning down a whole step all strings - thoughts?

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