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I Miss You (original composition)

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So.... after spending the whole of last week mixing/mastering this one track, I'm putting it up here.. Written and arranged by my talented and wonderfully lovely wife - ( with a little help from myself). Bass is a Harley Benton PB50 with old rounds on...
In her words...
this is a new mix of a dusty track from a good few years ago. it marks an aniversary of a personal loss and the feelings attached. in this current situation we felt it may help others in their own journey we hope you like it too.
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    • By Freud_Chicken123
      Wanted to share my recommendation for these basses. To my ears and experience, this would be considered incredible tone for a 1k plus bass. Just insane quality for such a low price.
      Tuners - nice and tight, the G peg has a zone where it gets a bit crunchy but still works well. Keeps its tuning very very well. I've installed an extra string retainer for the A string as it lacked a bit of punch, but i didnt worry about doing it on a bass this cheap.
      Fingerboard - no dead spots, no fretwork needed whatsoever, and the bass intonates like a dream, totally in tune chords up high with flats is no mean feat.
      Neck - obviously no finish makes it nice and smooth, quite thick front to back but nothing outrageous. Truss rod works great and the relief is surprisingly even on either side of the neck (so far!). Neck pocket is insanely tight - best fit on a bass ive ever seen. 
      Pickup - really clean, traditional sound, i have absolutely no issue with the stock pickup and have no reason to change it.
      Electronics - smooth range on the volume and tone controls, no 'off-to-on' feeling you get with some basses. Good amount of high-end to play with as you can hear in the demo, for my tastes i could use a tiny bit more but this is an easy and cheap fix. 
      Bridge works perfectly well, id prefer threaded saddles but the bridge was installed perfectly so I wouldnt want to change the string position if i could.
      Pretty ordinary weight, tuners are nice and light so very little neck dive. 
      I expected this bass to be good value for money but i didnt expect to prefer it over my American Vintage Fender P. Maybe that will pass but right now I cant recommend these enough.
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