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Radial ProRMP Studio Reamper Box (sold)

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Radial ProRMP Studio Reamper Box for sale. Only ever had studio use. In great condition. 

The Radial ProRMP is a studio re-amping box designed to have a cleanly recorded guitar, bass, keyboard or drum track run through it to bring a new tone and sonic signature to the signal.

Any questions let me know.

Would prefer London pickup but if you want shipped let me know and I can sort at your expense.





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    • By Dood
      Up for sale is a pair of award winning top-of-the-range Mackie Studio Monitors. THX certified - and you won't need an additional sub!
      These have been in my "studio" space providing big sounds for both the enjoyment of music and whilst I am teaching. They are used and there are marks around the cabinets where they have been moved from one house to another.
      I've never needed to push them (due to working from home and can't wake the kids etc etc). The only foible I know about these speakers is that one  doesn't drop in to "sleep" mode - i.e. powering down when they haven't been used for an extended period. But that's super fine as the on/off switch is on the front of the cabinet anyway!
      Now, they ARE boxed up in a proper Mackie shipping carton ready to go after coming off my desk this morning. However I would strongly recommend collection. especially at this price. These things are +£600 EACH at online prices. The pair for £400 - Bank Transfer or Cash on collection.
      If you must have them shipped, I will recommend a courier but arranging is for you - As I say, collection is recommended but if you must, then shipping is your responsibility. Look at them beautiful cones! They're all fragile and everything!!!!
      These things sound blooming lovely and have helped me record bass for more than one album.

      The one-piece cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle™ features precisely engineered curvature that minimizes diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix, and effectively controls sound waves so you get detailed lows, full, articulate mids, and shimmering highs.
      The HRmk2 Series monitors contain separate onboard amplifiers for each driver, plus onboard active crossovers and time-correction circuitry, which helps ensure highs and lows reach your ears at the same time. The HRmk2s also have protection circuitry built in to protect from damaging input levels. 
      We go to elaborate lengths to ensure each HRmk2 sounds as good as our experts intended. Each one we manufacture is subject to rigorous testing and pre-screening during the production process, then calibrated and tuned with an environmentally controlled test chamber before final packaging.
      The HRmk2 monitors feature a wood cabinet, with custom internal bracing to increase its strength and rigidity in desired locations. To absorb internal reflections and dampen standing waves inside the cabinet, an open-cell adiabatic foam material is placed strategically inside the box
      Our LED power indicator is a tasty shade of white and red for when things get pushed a little too hard. We took care to make sure the brightness is just right, too. The light shines bright enough so you can see it just fine in a well-lit room, and in a dark environment, it won’t distract or blind you.
    • By steve
      I'm looking for £200 ONO.
      It's a great piece of kit, with two channels (each switchable to accomodate piezos or mag pick up levels) so it's great for those doubling or running a dual pickup system on an upright. Loads of features include a switchable hi pass filter, phase switch, boost, full eq with switchable semi-para eq, DI out, tuner out and effects loop. You also have the to blend the two inputs or switch between them. Radial though of everything - it even has a kitchen sink!
      It comes with a gigrig 9V to 15V converter so you can run it from a standard pedalboard supply. The tape with settings on has been removed now btw

    • By Marky Screen
      Radial Tonebone Classic distortion. Took this in a trade recently but realistically I'm not going to use it enough to justify keeping it.
      Good condition, velcro on the bottom.

    • By Rickytwo
      ***** PRICE REDUCTION - £750 *****
      Retirement Sale of unused equipment collected over too many years !!
      Offered here is my as new 2006 Gibson Thunderbird Studio in Cherry. Manufactured in Nashville USA
      This is as "unplayed" and flawless for what is a 13 year old guitar. It's just been sat at home loved, but unplayed, which is a shame as it's so much more than just eye candy.
      Case is as new too.
      Collect or meet within 30 miles of Mansfield

    • By FelixGubbins
      My band are looking to record an album and are after a decent, not-too-pricey studio in the Nottingham / East Midlands area. Any recommendations?
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