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SORTED Epi thunderbird to swap

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This has been on a couple of times now with a couple of people showing interest but the deals have fell through.
Got this off a BCer a few months back but cant remember his name ( sorry mate, you know who you are ) its basically flawless, the only mark i can find is a tiny mark on the headstock but you really have to look to see it, not really worth mentioning but i'm just being honest.
I've just put a brand new set of roundwounds on it (rotosound), everything works as it should and it sounds awesome but i just cant get along with the shape.
Looking to swap for a jazz style bass (pref squire standard) or an epi EBO/EB3.
Would prefer it if the swap was localish, i m in WIGAN,LANCS so anywhere around the north west.
Unfortunatly there is no case or bag as this was how i bought it.

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