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Earthquaker Spacial Delivery, TC Corona Mini & Digitech SDRUM

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For Sale-  all excellent condition with boxes/bags etc.

Eathquaker Spacial Delivery - Amazing and versatile envelope filter. £145

TC electronics Corona Chorus mini - Great, small footprint chorus with Tone Print facility. £45 

Digitech SDUM - fantastic triggered drum groove creator, that builds drum grooves in various styles around your Basslines. £95




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    • By iSeal95
      Hi everyone,

      Here we have the TC Electronic Corona Chorus, a versatile chorus sound with a very musical feel. 
      3 types of chorus and with the toneprint app you can get so much more, especially the Nathan east vibe!
      Price includes postage, no box however I will package well.

      Any questions please ask!

    • By cetera
      Just got one of these for under £30 (mint/used) and they're only £40 new right now!
      Adds just the right amount of gain for a lightly overdriven bass grind with a natural feeling compression. The mid boost is great for punching through in a mix and presents some lovely harmonic overtones.
      I'm late to the party on this as it's been out a few years.... but better late than never. This maybe one of those 'always on' pedals!
    • By basstone
      DigiTech RP20 valve multi-effect pedal for sale. Top of the range back in the day and still capable of many usable effects. Includes a valve preamp section and comes complete with power supply. Full working order and cosmetically good for its age. I have a printed and PDF copy of the manual.

    • By EssentialTension
      Due to downsizing my life, for sale, at £195. I'd call it a bargain!
      A buyer can collect from Brighton or I will meet anywhere around the southern half of the M25.
      Here's the TC page with details ... https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0D78
      Excellent condition , rehearsal and home use only, never gigged.
      Fitted with the upgrade Fane Sovereign 8-225 speakers; original speakers included if you want them.
      Weight with new speakers is, on my scales, 13.9 kilos or 30.6 pounds.
      Comes with Hotcovers cover with rear pocket.
      Let's have some pics ...

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